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New Portable Meals to Nourish Your Kids On the Go

Whether it’s a hurried lunch break in the middle of Zoom school or a few precious minutes between swim lessons and play group, there are always those days in “go-go-go” family life when it seems like a healthy lunch or dinner just isn’t in the cards. But Nurture Life’s Portables are an easy answer on even the most chaotic of days!

To help your toddlers or kids eat well no matter their schedule, we’re excited to be releasing three new Portable Meals. Each veggie-packed Portable Meal is made to be enjoyed cold and is perfect for healthy eating wherever your day takes you—even if that means a quick, zero-prep meal in the comfort of your own home.

Chicken Salad with Apple Slices & Mini Flatbread

chicken salad bento box | Nurture Life

Light and fresh, our shredded chicken breast salad skips the heavy, artificially flavored “mayo products” (which are often full of sugar or sugar substitutes) and instead incorporates a creamy Greek yogurt and aioli dressing. Diced organic carrots and organic potatoes are tossed into the chicken salad for an extra helping of veggie fiber, vitamins and minerals.

With mini flatbread and sliced organic apples on the side, this Portable Meal is an eat-as-you-please delight! Your little one can scoop the chicken salad, craft an adorable sandwich, or even dip the apples right into the chicken salad for that perfect bite of sweet and savory, creamy and crunchy.

Protein Bento Box

protein bento box | Nurture Life

This Portable Meal serves up a fabulous variety of proteins in one kid-friendly box—including healthy proteins sourced from meat, dairy, veggies and whole grains. The lean chicken breast slices and creamy Colby Jack cheese cubes are balanced out by a generous serving of plant-based proteins from edamame. 

For a naturally sweet treat that’s not your typical Lunchables dessert, we’ve got oatmeal chocolate chip protein bites made with organic chocolate chips, organic rolled oats and smoothly blended organic garbanzo beans (giving that extra pop of plant-based protein without impacting the delightful balance of flavors!). Each bite features nutrient-rich sunflower seed butter to bind it all together.

Cheese & Veggie Bento Box

cheese & veggie bento box | Nurture Life

Classic lunchbox staples like string cheese and apple slices are served with our oatmeal chocolate chip protein bites and colorful organic rainbow carrots—making this meal familiar to picky eaters yet still thoughtfully balanced for age-appropriate nutrition. This vegetarian meal skips the meat while offering a variety of proteins from sunflower seed butter, organic garbanzo beans and mozzarella cheese. 

Since this Portable Meal is totally finger-friendly, it’s even easier to toss into your kids’ lunchbox for a fast, healthy meal at school, daycare, sports practice or anywhere your kids need to go.

Nurture Life’s Portable Meals are a great alternative to the fast food drive-thru, but you don’t necessarily have to be running all around town to enjoy the convenience. Some days, you just need a lunch or dinner at home with literally no prep whatsoever—and that’s more than okay! When your kids are busier than ever or you as parents are running on empty, we’re here to be your mealtime helping hand. Our Portable Meals can help make sure your kids are enjoying nutritious, well-balanced meals that are full of flavor but have minimal added sugar and salt, no matter when or where!

Explore our menu of Portable Meals for kids of all ages, and if you have any questions about our ingredients or dietitian-approved recipes, send us a message at

healthy kids lunches | Nurture Life

Imaide Steverango

As a Research and Development Chef at Nurture Life, Imaide is in charge of developing nutritionally dense, culturally diverse meals for babies, toddlers and kids. Her goal is to create delicious meals that balance protein, veggies and complex carbs in dishes that celebrate flavors and ingredients that might not otherwise be introduced into the home. She loves the challenge of making veggies more kid-friendly, especially when she finds a way to showcase them at the forefront of a meal. With a Bachelor’s degree in culinary nutrition and a concentration in clinical dietetics, Imaide brings a balance of culinary expertise and nutrition knowledge. In her previous position as Executive Chef and Food Service Director at a childcare center, she was in charge of feeding children from 6 months to 6 years old. This allowed her to gain a strong understanding of what flavors, textures and ingredients kids love. Imaide’s passion for food is rooted in its power to bring people together—food lets children learn about diversity and how what we eat can help us accept each other’s differences.

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