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Say Hello to Our Spring Menu

The sun is coming out of hibernation, the temperatures are warming up and the days are getting longer—it’s safe to say that spring is on its way!

At Nurture Life, we’re especially excited for spring because that means our new seasonal menu is here. Delivered to your door and ready to serve in 3 minutes or less, our spring dishes serve up wholesome nutrition in a well-rounded mix of ingredients, textures and flavor inspirations.

In addition to our classic baby, toddler and kids meal delivery, we’re serving up a number of family-sized options to make lunch and dinner easier for everyone. Check out some featured highlights from all menus below!

Toddler and Kid Meal Highlights

Our spring toddler and kid meals have something for every taste bud, every age group and every level of picky. These easy meals for kids may be ready in minutes, but they’re packed with mindfully chosen, nutrient-rich ingredients to power your kids’ busy spring days.

Turkey Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes

turkey meatloafPut a touch of grandma’s homestyle cooking on the table with this lighter twist on traditional meatloaf. Using lean ground turkey, ricotta cheese and fresh veggies, we deliver that familiar, well-loved meatloaf flavor in a light but filling dish.

What makes it extra nutritious: We serve not one but two veggie sides: roasted ratatouille veggies and mashed potatoes with smoothly blended cauliflower.

Cheese Ravioli with Beef Bolognese

cheese ravioliAlmost nothing is more kid-friendly than a bit of cheese—especially when it comes in the form of adorable, bite-sized ravioli! Your little one will love the five-cheese filling, and you’ll love the beef bolognese sauce that’s packed with a nutritious secret—carrots!

What makes it extra nutritious: The shredded carrots in our bolognese sauce have fiber for healthy digestion and vitamin A to help keep young eyes sharp!

Citrus Salmon with Mango-Edamame Rice

citrus salmonThis bright Asian-inspired dish serves up a fun and zesty flavor with our housemade togarashi sauce! Togarashi, a spice blend featuring orange zest, poppy seeds, paprika and sesame seeds, is mixed with a bit of soy sauce and orange juice then spooned over our roasted salmon and mango-edamame brown rice. This dish is a little sweet, a bit savory and a lot of delicious.

What makes it extra nutritious: We rely on the natural sweetness of orange juice for a sauce that perfectly complements Omega-3 packed salmon.

Chicken Noodle Stew

chicken noodle stewOur Chicken Noodle Stew has been such a hit that we’re bringing it back to the menu this spring. A hearty mix of roasted chicken, whole wheat rotini and colorful veggies, this kid favorite is perfect for cozy family dinners when spring’s unexpected cold snaps hit.

What makes it extra nutritious: Whole wheat rotini gives that pleasant al dente bite with more vitamins, minerals and fiber than refined pasta.

Black Bean Falafel with Sweet Potatoes & Onions

black bean falafelsFun to say and even more fun to munch, our falafel incorporates traditional garbanzo beans as well as a generous helping of black beans and quinoa. We balance the dish with roasted sweet potatoes and red onions flavored with a hint of za’atar, a Middle Eastern herb and spice blend.

What makes it extra nutritious: The powerful trio of black beans, garbanzo beans and quinoa provide protein and fiber to keep your kids energized and full.

Asian Chicken with Rice & Sugar Snap Peas

Asian ChickenIn our take on Chicken Adobo, a popular dish in Filipino cuisine, we roast antibiotic-free chicken until delectably juicy, then coat it with a tangy sauce of soy, vinegar and garlic. We serve it all over brown rice with a side of sugar snap peas for a perfectly balanced plate.

What makes it extra nutritious: Sugar snap peas are a favorite kid-friendly vegetable, offering fiber, potassium and vitamins with a natural sweetness that kids love.

Lamb & Beef Meatballs with Veggie & Feta Orzo

lamb & beef meatballsThis dish is our nutritious take on one of the world’s most ubiquitous street foods: juicy, hot-off-the-spit gyros. Instead of the classic pita sandwich, we pack the same Mediterranean flavors into bite-sized lamb and beef meatballs—served with a bright mix of feta-topped orzo, yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant and spinach.

What makes it extra nutritious: These little meatballs are way more than just meat! A quarter of each meatball is made from a veggie-rich blend of mushrooms and onions.

Southwest Chicken Tacos

southwest chicken tacosAdd a little ¡Olé! to the table with these Southwest-style braised and pulled chicken tacos. Your little ones will love getting to roll their own handheld tacos, which are thoughtfully balanced with vitamin-rich veggies and lightly spiced black beans and brown rice.

What makes it extra nutritious: Our corn tortillas are just five simple ingredients—no added sugar or salt and perfectly sized for fun, tiny tacos.

Sloppy Joes with Carrots & Beets

sloppy joesOur sloppy joes mix antibiotic-free ground beef, carrots and bell peppers with a housemade tomato sauce for a nutritious take on this American classic. We serve them with perfectly handheld whole wheat slider buns and glazed carrots and golden beets for a naturally sweet side dish.

What makes it extra nutritious: Our sloppy joe meal has a double dose of carrots—both in the sloppy joes and on the side!

Chickpea Paella

chickpea paellaYour kids don’t have to be adventurous eaters to fall for this vibrant paella. Brown rice, chickpeas and a five-veggie medley are mixed with classic paella spices and topped with freshly grated lemon zest. The rich tastes of Spain have never been quicker or easier to serve at home!

What makes it extra nutritious: Chickpeas are full of fiber as well as vitamins A, C and E—all of which contribute to recommended kid nutrition for brain and body development.

Baby Meal Highlights

Our chefs love coming up with innovative ways to introduce new flavors into your baby’s diet. That’s why this season we’re mixing up two new baby stage 2 purees, packed with a balanced mix of nutritious ingredients.

Mixed Berry Oatmeal

mixed berry oatmealPlaying on our popular Banana, Raisin & Oatmeal, we developed another fruity oatmeal mix your little one will be berry happy to gobble up! This time we’re blending up blueberries, strawberries, raisins and oatmeal in a vibrantly colored and hearty puree.

Beef, Blueberry, Peach & Allspice

beef blueberry peach allspiceWe took inspiration from the Caribbean in this punchy new puree with a blend of lean, antibiotic-free beef, bright blueberries, peaches and a touch of allspice. Your little one will love the sweet touch of fruit but stay satisfied with the beef’s protein punch.


Family Meal Highlights

Why stop at easy meals for kids when you can get easy meals for everyone?

Nurture Life’s Family Meals have the same wholesome nutrition and delightful flavors from around the world—only they come in main and side dishes you can serve up for the whole family! Add on Family Meals to your current toddler or kid meal plan for an easy meal that satisfies all. Check out our highlights from the season!

Main Dishes

Sweet & Sour Beef

sweet and sour beefPut the brightness of spring on the table with this tart, tangy and wholesome version of Asian sweet and sour beef. Diced beef is tossed in a housemade sauce of pineapple juice, soy, ginger and agave for a well-balanced blend of flavor sensations.

Veggie Lasagna

veggie lasagnaNo one will miss the meat when our flavor-packed Veggie Lasagna is on the menu. The lively colors of zucchini, eggplant, squash and bell peppers are complemented by our housemade tomato sauce, creamy ricotta cheese and whole wheat lasagna noodles. It’s fiber-rich, freshly made and ready in minutes!

Miso Mahi Mahi

miso mahi mahiMahi Mahi is light in flavor yet hearty in protein, making this fish a perfect vehicle for bold flavors. We coat our Mahi Mahi in an inviting mix of miso, soy, agave, sesame oil and rice vinegar and roast it to fully absorb the savory glaze.

Pork Al Pastor

pork al pastorWe’ve taken extra steps to make sure our pork al pastor is tender, tangy and unforgettable. Marinated in rice vinegar and pineapple juice with a classic seasoning of chili, garlic, onion and herbs, our pork is braised and hand-pulled for a mouthful of flavor in every tender bite.

Side Dishes

Cauliflower Rice & Veggie Medley

cauliflower rice veggie medleyInstead of plain white rice, we up the nutrition with a blend of steamed riced cauliflower, zucchini, yams and peas. Seasoned with aromatic garlic and ginger, this light side dish is yummy on its own but also great for soaking up every last drop of mouthwatering sauce or stew.

Veggie & Feta Orzo

veggie and feta orzoBring a ray of spring sunshine to your family’s lunch or dinner table with these light and fresh flavors! Inspired by classic Greek cuisine, we mix orzo pasta into a medley of squash, zucchini, eggplant, spinach and sumac tomato sauce—finished with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of feta.

Southwestern Black Bean Rice

southwestern black bean riceServe up the tastes of the Southwest with this rustic yet delicious black bean rice. Cooked with savory, full-flavored ingredients like red onions, bell peppers, garlic and tomatoes, our black bean rice makes a homey, lightly spiced complement to any main dish.

Whether you’re cataloguing new flower blooms in the backyard, taking your furry friends for a sunny walk or gearing up for little league season, Nurture Life’s ready-to-serve dishes give you time to soak up spring with the most important people in your life. Which of our easy meals for kids and families will be your springtime favorite?

Explore this week’s toddler and kids meal delivery menu, or sign up to get the featured dishes above and many more!

Imaide Square Crop

Imaide Steverango

As a Research and Development Chef at Nurture Life, Imaide is in charge of developing nutritionally dense, culturally diverse meals for babies, toddlers and kids. Her goal is to create delicious meals that balance protein, veggies and complex carbs in dishes that celebrate flavors and ingredients that might not otherwise be introduced into the home. She loves the challenge of making veggies more kid-friendly, especially when she finds a way to showcase them at the forefront of a meal. With a Bachelor's degree in culinary nutrition and a concentration in clinical dietetics, Imaide brings a balance of culinary expertise and nutrition knowledge. In her previous position as Executive Chef and Food Service Director at a childcare center, she was in charge of feeding children from 6 months to 6 years old. This allowed her to gain a strong understanding of what flavors, textures and ingredients kids love. Imaide's passion for food is rooted in its power to bring people together—food lets children learn about diversity and how what we eat can help us accept each other's differences.