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New Seasonal Baby Purees and Finger Foods

Watching your baby grow their palate and learn how to eat is exciting for both you and your baby. At Nurture Life, we always try to encourage the more adventurous side of your baby’s palate. We are excited to introduce even more combination purees for Stage 2 and finger foods for Stage 3 with dynamic flavors, vibrant colors and a variety of textures for your little eater.

Introducing New Seasonal Combo Purees and Finger Foods


Sweet, organic carrots are peeled, steamed and pureed into a textured consistency. Chopped apricots are then folded into the carrot puree. Brightly colored and flavorful, our Carrot & Apricot Puree will be a sweet delight for your little one.

This tiny little seed is a big deal: Full of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, chia seeds are soaked in water so they are easier to digest. We combine brightly colored pureed blackberries with Golden Delicious apples. Our sweet superfood-packed Blackberry, Apple & Chia Puree is sure to be a super hit.

Pureed cauliflower is combined with minced spinach for a creamy powerhouse of nutrients and a fresh, smooth taste. Our Cauliflower & Spinach Puree would make Popeye proud!

Our Golden Delicious apple puree gets a powerful punch of iron-packed kale. The sweetness of the apples makes this green superfood a bit gentler on your baby’s palate. Kale yeah!

Our Mozzarella, Butternut Squash & Golden Beet finger food is a little caprese salad for your little one! For our version of this Italian classic, we steam and dice butternut squash and golden beets before mixing with creamy mozzarella cheese.

Fun fact: Navy beans are actually small pea-sized white beans packed full of fiber and iron. We’ve paired them with bright, sweet yellow peppers and English peas to make our Navy Bean, Yellow Pepper & English Peas finger food a perfectly portioned meal for your little one.

Did you know that bison provides as many omega-3s per serving as salmon? Paired with yellow bell peppers and butternut squash, our Bison, Yellow Pepper & Butternut Squash finger food is a healthy, nutritious meal for your little one.


Our Turkey Meatloaf, Red Pepper & Sweet Corn finger food is a bite-sized comfort meal. We took our classic antibiotic-free ground turkey meatloaf and paired it with sweet corn and red peppers.

We hope your little one enjoys our new nourishing menu of vibrant new flavors. We continue to be inspired by our farmers and the rich variety of foods they cultivate each season. We hope you enjoy our new menu!

Eric Bauer

Eric is responsible for managing Nurture Life’s culinary operations including the creation and production of all menus and meals, packaging, shipping and logistics. Eric is a seasoned food and hospitality executive with more than 17 years of experience maintaining five star/five diamond statuses in luxury hotels throughout the world, including playing a key role in the transformation of Rancho Valencia in San Diego, California into its current award winning status and ten years spanning four hotels with Four Seasons Hotels worldwide. Eric started his culinary career at The Ritz-Carlton Chicago and attended the Culinary Arts program at Kendall College. Eric is a passionate chef and foodie always searching out interesting foods and products alike to continue to develop his and his team's creations. Eric has a great love of all things food and beverage with a keen interest in healthy cuisine, organic and locally sourced products and wine.