toddler looking at finger food

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  • Meals and Nutrition

    Does your menu change?

    We offer a consistent menu every week with 20 Toddler, Kid and Teen & Adult Meals, 3 Cold Lunches, 11 Baby Stage 3 Finger Food Meals and 8 Family Meal Mains and Sides for a full meal or to complement any meal you’re already making at home. This mix gives you and your kids a wide variety of meals to choose from containing a diverse range of organic produce, antibiotic-free proteins and whole grains. 


    It often takes 9 – 15 tries for children to fully acclimate to new foods, so a menu that stays the same allows kids to get used to our meals as they expand their palates. Many children eat the same meals on repeat, and we hope that our variety helps parents give their kids a wider selection of cuisines and nutritious ingredients, while ensuring they can always find their and their kids’ favorite meals.


    We are continually evolving our menu and meals based on our customers’ feedback and every few months, introduce new meals and retire existing meals.