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  • About Nurture Life

    How does Nurture Life work?

    Nurture Life is a subscription service that offers the convenience of automatic deliveries with the flexibility to skip weeks, pause or cancel at any time. You can create your first order by selecting meals from our menus page or answering a few questions about your family’s mealtime needs, and we will recommend meals for you. We have a $39 order minimum. Add more meals to your cart to receive free shipping and discount benefits up to 10% off your entire order.


    All our meals are made-to-order and delivered straight to your door in insulated packaging to maintain freshness. If you’re not home when they arrive, please be sure to refrigerate them as soon as they are unpacked. Our meals stay fresh in the refrigerator for a week after they arrive and have use by dates on all packaging. Our meals can also be frozen for up to 90 days as long as they’re placed in the freezer before the use by date. 


    Our Heat & Eat Meals only need a couple minutes in the microwave or oven, and our Cold Lunches are made to be served cold—perfect for any on-the-go situation. All meals include use by dates, heating instructions, full ingredient lists and nutrition facts.


    For more information please visit our How It Works page.