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  • Meals and Nutrition

    How do I know which portion size to choose?

    Our meals have been created with the nutrition and portion size needs of every age and stage, starting with 10 months through adults, and are categorized accordingly on our site. Our portions have been designed to provide a balanced meal that meets approximately one third of the nutrition needs for the day according to recommendations from the US Dietary Guidelines as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics. 


    Here are our portion sizes:


    Baby Stage 3 Finger Foods

    Age recommendation: 10 – 24 months

    Serving size: 1 cup of food, representing 4oz – 8oz net weight


    Toddler Meals

    Age recommendation:  1- 4 years 

    Serving size:  6.3oz – 7.5oz net weight


    Kid Meals

    Age recommendation:  5 – 12 years

    Serving size:  7.8oz  – 10oz net weight


    Teen & Adult Meals

    Age recommendation:  13 & Up

    Serving size:  10.9oz – 12.5oz net weight