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    Which stage should I order for my toddler—Finger Foods or Toddler Meals

    Thank you for reaching out! Both our Toddler Meals and our Finger Foods work for toddlers. The best way to decide which might work best is to ask yourself a couple questions about where your toddler is in the self-feeding process:


    • Are they using (or trying to use) utensils?
    • Are they showing signs of wanting more food after mealtime? (This can be a sign that they’re ready for larger portions.)
    • Have they tried basic finger food ingredients and seem ready for more diverse flavors and textures? 


    If you answered yes to these questions, your toddler is likely ready to begin with our Toddler Meals! Our Toddler Meals are similar to an adult plate, but in smaller portions, perfectly sized to give your little one the nutrients they need at this stage. They’re also great for expanding your toddler’s palate and teaching them to love real, nutrient-dense foods! Some of the meals will require some parent intervention in terms of cutting bigger pieces of food down to a smaller size that you find appropriate for your little one, however, we have a variety of soft, pasta-based meals (Mac & Cheese with Cauliflower, Bolognese with Penne) that you may want to order as a starting point.


    If you answered no to some or all of these questions, you might want to consider ordering a mix of Finger Foods and Toddler Meals or just Finger Foods. Our Finger Foods are perfect for toddlers still in the earlier stages of their self-feeding journey because they offer a softer texture and smaller size (no chopping necessary!). They’re also designed to be big enough for little fingers to pick up but small enough to prevent choking so that your little one can safely practice feeding themselves.


    Many of our toddler customers love to get a mix of both our Finger Foods and Toddler Meals as they make the self-feeding transition, so we encourage you to consider trying both and seeing what works best! Let us know if you have any more questions.