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    What is the sugar content in Nurture Life meals?

    We follow strict nutrition guidelines, which were developed using a combination of recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, USDA MyPlate serving suggestions, American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations and clinical nutrition knowledge of our registered dietitians. Our portions have been designed to provide a balanced meal that meets approximately one third of nutrition needs for the day per age.


    We don’t add refined white sugar to any of our meals, though some may be present in our sub-ingredients. Instead, we use (small amounts!) of naturally sweet ingredients like fruit purees, agave and maple syrup to enhance the natural flavors in our meals.


    Here are our added sugar standards:


    Toddler Meals

    Age recommendation: 1 – 4 years

    Added sugar content:  7 – 8g / meal maximum (<10% calories)

    The majority of our toddler meals have 0g added sugars. For example, our Bolognese with Penne has 0g added sugars and our Mini Pupusas with Fiesta Corn & Zucchini has 0g added sugar.


    Kid Meals

    Age recommendation:  5 – 12 years

    Added sugar content:  8 – 11g / meal maximum (<10% calories)

    The majority of our kids’ meals have 0g added sugar.


    Teen & Adult Meals

    Age recommendation:  13 & Up

    Added sugar content:  11-16g / meal maximum (<10% calories)

    The majority of our teen and adult meals have 0g added sugar.