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Whether you’re gifting to new parents, friends, or loved ones who want to provide nutritious, ready-to-eat meals for little ones but can’t find the time—this is an easy mealtime solution.



Recipient will claim their gift card via email or through the link on their printed gift card.



Parents can pick the right plan for their child’s age and dietary preferences (even picky eaters!).



Our pediatric dietitian-approved meals are shipped cold directly to their door.

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The Busy Bee Parent

As a family with two working parents, my wife and I are constantly looking for wholesome yet convenient options for our children's meals. We exhaustively stayed up many nights cooking and preparing items to ensure healthy ready-to-go choices would be available for when we walked in the door. Nurture Life is an amazing development in our lives and allows us to have pre-made meals by a company that values the same principles about food that we do.

Joel - Parent of a Toddler & Kid

The New Parent

I'm just signing up for this service now for my son. He started solids just under a month ago. I want you guys to know how much this meal service will be helping my family. I have to leave for a deployment shortly and my husband, though I love him very much, is not a 5 star chef. The thought of planning healthy meals alone for our baby has been bringing him tons of anxiety! With Nurture Life, we are able to ensure that our son can eat healthy and expand his palette. This right here is a HUGE weight and stress factor that I can now set aside. So, with that, thank you for this great business!

Lisa - Parent of a Baby & Kid

The Nutrition-Loving Parent

Nurture Life is basically a dream! What could be better than fresh, healthy, delicious meals for your kids delivered to your door?! It has simplified dinner more than I can express and my kids love it. You definitely won’t be disappointed. Oh, and the box it comes in definitely will occupy your kiddos. We’re hooked! Can’t wait to order our next box!

Kelly - Parent of a Baby & Toddler

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