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Our Partners

We’ve taken great care in partnering with experts and purveyors who align with our values and beliefs. Our experts educate and inspire in thoughtful ways, while our purveyors share our belief in transparency and sustainability while providing the very best ingredients for us to share with you. All our partners share our passion to impact the healthy development of children.

Our Purveyors

B&B Organics

Produce Distributor - Mishawaka, IN

Founded in 2001 by a nutritionist who learned that the health of patients improved more rapidly when they ate organic foods, the goal of B&B Organics has always been to supply the freshest and highest quality certified organic fruits and vegetables available at an affordable price.

Why We’re Partners

B&B Organics is dedicated to being a 100% organic produce company, which is why we partnered with them. B&B Organics is a small, family-owned company located in Indiana. Everything that is brought into their facility is traceable back to the organic farms they originated from. At Nurture Life, we are very confident we will receive the best possible produce through B&B.

Bell & Evans

Poultry Farm – Fredericksburg, PA

Bell & Evans hand-raises their chicks to chickens to ensure their birds grow strong and healthy. Allowing their chickens to have spacious, well-ventilated houses with space to roam, an all-vegetarian diet and fresh air, their flock produces eggs in a secure and stress-free environment. Dedicated to the health and welfare of their brood since the 1890s, their commitment to championing high-quality meat and eggs continues today.

Why We’re Partners

Bell & Evans’ above-and-beyond dedication to treating their chickens humanely, ultra-modern production facilities and nutrient-dense vegetarian feed provide only the best, freshest meat for our meals. They also voluntarily participate in annual animal welfare and manufacturing audits to insure each of their animals receives the most humane animal treatment, maintaining their farm to the highest standard of integrity.

Bionaturae Organic Pasta

Organic Food Company – North Stonington, CT

Bionaturæ is a celebration of Italian tradition, modern methods, authenticity and innovation. They embrace the unique cuisine of Italy through all-organic production, yet still preserve the classical methods of old world artisans. Every product is an homage to the past with a taste for today.

Why We’re Partners

Bionaturæ’s high quality whole wheat pastas are created through traditional techniques such as pressing pasta dough through bronze-cast dies and drying pasta at low temperatures. With their small-scale production, each product is made with devotion to passion, tradition and quality.

Coleman Natural Foods

Livestock Farm – Golden, Colorado

Coleman Natural Foods was a pioneer of organic and antibiotic-free meats, maintaining an esteemed tradition of quality dating back to 1875. Their dedication to raising pure, premium meats is promised in their name: They adopted a holistic production system that never uses synthetic chemicals, growth hormones or GMOs in any step of the process.

Why We’re Partners

Coleman Natural Foods’ strict implementation of no-antibiotics-ever in their meats means your child gets delicious chicken, turkey, pork, lamb and beef and absolutely no other additives. Plus, they work with the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) to ensure animal welfare in their facilities. These attentive processes are better for the animals, the environment and ultimately, our meals.

Creekstone Farms

Cattle Ranch – Arkansas City, KS

Creekstone Farms strives to produce and deliver the world’s finest Black Angus beef. Their Premium Beef program is unique to the beef industry—it combines superior Black Angus genes, exceptional cattle management practices, meticulously controlled high-quality feed and state-of-the-art processing of only genetically-verified Black Angus cattle. Creekstone Farms devotes all of these practices in the name of quality. These high standards allow them to produce the highest quality beef in America through their specialized production.

Why We’re Partners

Creekstone Farms proudly hand-selects their Black Angus cattle in order to maintain its specialized integrity. They treat their cows humanely, provide them with high-quality corn-based feed and are EU certified – meaning their cows are hormone-free and quality-graded. With two USDA certified beef programs (Premium and Natural), we’re proud to feature their beef in our meals.

Eden Foods

Organic Food Company – Ann Arbor, MI

Eden Foods is the oldest all-natural and organic food company in North America. Based out of Michigan, this company staunchly believes in transparency with their farmers, growers and distribution channels. In a fair and trusting relationship with their farmers, they participate in direct trade to ensure the best price for both farmers and consumers.

Why We’re Partners

We believe in the same principles of transparency and environmental sustainability as Eden Foods. With complete disclosure of ingredients and all handling, we can trust in their pure, wholesome foods obtained through trusted growers and handlers. No nonsense, no shortcuts—only delivering the best, all-natural products.  

eSutras Organics

Spices Supplier - Chicago, IL

eSutras Organics was created for the niche market of responsible, health conscious and product knowledgeable citizens who need economic earth-friendly alternatives to harmful and damaging chemicals for everyday use. They felt that healthy, cruelty free, organic and community beneficial products should be both economical and easily available. is an easy-to-use online source providing 100% , US manufactured and USDA Certified Organic Specialty foods Culinary Products, Herbs, Spices, Spa, Health, Beauty & Wellness products in wholesale and retail sizes.

Why We’re Partners

A family-owned, Chicago-based company, eSutras Organics is dedicated to sourcing all of their spices domestically and internationally to ensure the highest quality of organic products. We source all of our spices from eSutras.

Grimmway Farms

Produce Farm – Palatine, IL

At Grimmway Farms, you can taste the care in their carrots. Produced with absolutely no synthetic chemicals, pesticides or GMOs, these carrots are high quality from their seeds to your salad bowl.

Why We’re Partners

Grimmway Farms’ commitment to energy conservation, organic and sustainable farming methods and their adherence to strict food safety means the best, freshest carrots for your child’s meals.

Lundberg Farms

Grain Farm – Richvale, CA

Established in 1937, Lundberg Farms was an early adopter of organic farming, energy conservation, renewable energy practices and fair and safe working conditions. For over three generations, their utmost concern for the land, its soil, surrounding wildlife and California’s water has enriched their organic rice products.

Why We’re Partners

Lundberg Family Farms’ unparalleled dedication to eco-positive and innovative production methods, environmental stewardship, commitment to protecting and improving the environment for future generations and creating wholesome, healthful rice products displays an incredible amount of thoughtfulness and thoroughness all the way from company to consumer. We source our farro, wild rice, brown rice, quinoa and amaranth from them.

Muir Glen Organic

Organic Cannery – Sacramento Valley, CA

Muir Glen, an organic cannery based in California, chooses to only use organic non-GMO tomatoes in their products, each one vine-ripened and field-grown. Even the imperfect tomatoes have a use through their innovative composting facility, where the cannery and the community put leftover tomato waste, almond shells, rice hulls and bedding from the UC Davis horse farm to create nutrient-rich, certified-organic compost for farmers to keep growing delicious tomatoes.

Why We’re Partners

With their focus on community sustainability and exhausting every part of even a single tomato, we love that Muir Glen strives to reduce waste, promote healthy farming practices and deliver fantastically flavorful tomatoes for our finger foods and sauces.