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Pick the right plan for your child’s age and dietary preferences
(even picky eaters!)



Meals designed by pediatric dietitians and chefs, shipped directly to your Portland, OR door.



Ready in 3 minutes or less—just reheat for your kids to enjoy!

nurture life kids meals

Nutritious Baby, Toddler & Kids Meal Delivery in Portland, Oregon

Life gets busy with kids, but you don’t have to struggle to keep up in the kitchen! Nurture Life’s kids meals will delight your little ones’ taste buds while serving up a thoughtful balance of nutrients for active fun and healthy growth. Our meals are developed by chefs and registered dietitians for tasty nutrition that satisfies kids—even picky eaters! Order our Portland baby food delivery and have freshly made, ready-to-serve meals delivered to your doorstep in days.

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A Taste of Our Menus

  • Pesto & Cheese Ravioli
  • Turkey Meatloaf, Garnet Yam & Sweet Corn
  • BBQ-Chicken-with-Mashed-Potatoes-&-Carrots
  • Mixed Berry Oatmeal
  • Teriyaki Salmon with Brown Rice
  • Braised Beef, Carrots & Peas

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