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Breakfast for Kids Nutrition Comparison

Whether your kids are curious toddlers or active preteens, the best way to start the day is a nutritious breakfast. But let’s be honest; when everyone is hustling and bustling to start the day on time, convenience matters, too! To help you find the right balance of convenience for parents and well-balanced nutrition for kids, we’re comparing five easy breakfast ideas for kids of all ages. Each of these morning…

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A Complete Guide to Nurture Life Nutrition

For too long, parents in the United States have been forced into a very subpar choice when looking for prepared meals: between food that’s convenient and food that’s healthy. Whether it’s on grocery store shelves or restaurant menus, the food industry has been all too eager to feed kids exactly what they want—which, unfortunately, tends toward heaping plates of food that are all one color, all the same texture, often…

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A Realistic Guide to Working From Home With Kids

Among the many upheavals coronavirus has caused, shelter-in-place orders and school closures have forced many parents to work from home—maybe not for the first time ever, but likely for the first time without any hope of childcare relief. When schools, babysitters and playgroups are no longer an option, WFH parents are having to figure out how to balance more than usual (Nurture Life parents included!). We can all agree that…

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Sugar Replacement: What’s Up with Sugar Substitutes?

From drinks, candies and desserts to canned foods, dairy products and even baked goods, you can find sugar substitutes on nearly every aisle of your local grocery store. Even products that advertise “no aspartame” or “no [other sugar substitute]” may have just substituted one artificial sweetener for another. Is this sugar replacement really any healthier? So exactly what are these sugar substitutes that you see everywhere? Are artificial sweeteners something…

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What to Keep in Your Kitchen for Picky Eater Emergencies

Picky eating can often feel like a battle, but there are days where your kid’s normal levels of head-shaking, sealed lips and mealtime tantrums seem to shoot off the charts. So what do you do when your little one is hunkered down and ready to refuse everything?  Start with the list below! As parents ourselves, these are the items that we recommend (and keep stocked in our own kitchens) to…

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Change Your Picky Eater’s Mind About These 7 Foods

Finding food for picky eaters can feel like a never-ending quest, but the solution may be right in front of you! Even ingredients that seem “too grown-up” can be made into something your picky eaters will like—all it takes is some preparation and a healthy dose of patience.  Find your family’s next go-to food for picky toddlers and kids of all ages with the seven wholesome ingredients below! 1. Zucchini…

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How to Raise Kids Who Don’t Need “Kids Meals”

The next time you visit your local grocery store, take a minute to look around at the kids food options. You don’t have to look very long—a quick glance will show you what’s on offer: the same five or so ingredients, cooked into the same three dishes. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s all too familiar to us, too! An entire industry is devoted to selling parents on the…

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