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As parents, we struggle to find fresh, nutritious meals our kids love. Yet providing our children with nutrient-rich meals is vital for their physical growth and brain development. Our meals help solve this problem, giving parents a new way to feed their kids—nutritionally balanced, portioned by age and made to help kids learn how to love healthy eating.

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    Focused on organic veggies, antibiotic-free proteins & whole grains to nourish kids and expand their palates

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    Portioned by age to give kids the right nutrients for their stage of development

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    Designed by dietitians to promote important vitamins & offer nutritious balance in every meal



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Balance in Every Meal

Our dietitians look beyond the basics, honing in on essential nutrients like iron, calcium, dietary fiber and vitamin D to ensure your child gets the right balance for their age and stage of development.

Veggie Variety

To give your kids the essential vitamins and minerals they need, we incorporate over 20 different vegetables in our meals (always with a kid's palate in mind)!

Diverse Proteins

Kids need protein to build and repair their bodies while staying satisfied, so we incorporate high-quality protein sources in every meal. Beyond the classic kid-favorite chicken, our meals introduce red lentils, lamb, salmon and more.

Fiber Focus

We use a mix of fiber-filled ingredients like brown rice, whole grain pasta and beans to provide a well-rounded source of carbohydrates that offer a more balanced full and more sustained energy.

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  • beef meatloaf jar Baby 10–24 Mos
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    At this stage, your baby is starting to learn how to feed themselves. Our Finger Foods are designed to aid in this transition, layering combinations of bite-sized proteins, veggies and grains to create balanced meals in the right size and texture for their little fingers and mouths. Big enough to pick up, small enough to prevent choking, and soft enough to mash, our Finger Foods give them an easy introduction as they develop feeding independence.

  • toddler meal Toddlers 1–4 Yrs
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    Perfect for introducing your little one to “big kid” food, our Toddler Meals balance proteins, veggies and whole grains while training their palates to love real foods and nutrient-dense ingredients. As they start to explore new flavors, cuisines and fork techniques, they’ll also be getting a variety of nutrients in proper portions for their quickly growing bodies.

  • kid meal Kids 5–10 Yrs
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    Our Kids (5–10 Years) Meals offer age-appropriate portions as they continue to explore our tasty world of nutritious food. By balancing each meal with ingredients that satisfy vitamin, mineral and caloric needs, we help your kid stay healthy and satisfied as they discover and grow. An added bonus? Our meals help you continue to nurture an acceptance (and love!) for real, wholesome foods.

  • kid meal Kid 11–18 Yrs
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    The older your kid gets, the more decisions they’re going to make on their own. Our Kids (11–18 Years) Meals help your kid make the right decisions—at least when it comes to their nutrition. With larger portions of our balanced meals, we help your child get the right nutrient balance as they enter their teen years and start to take care of mealtime themselves.


Was that a silly rhyme? Yes. But we take allergens very seriously. Our meals are prepared in a state-of-the-art facility free from peanuts and tree nuts (except coconut). This means there’s no risk of cross-contamination for these ingredients.

For other allergens or dietary preferences, we use meal tags to help you identify options that work for your family. Use the dietary filter function on our menu to filter out meals that contain milk, egg, wheat and more.

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Here’s the thing—there are a lot of words food companies can say without them really meaning anything: “clean, “real,” and “wholesome” foods are great, but without the nutrition and ingredients to back it up, they really are just words. We don’t operate that way. Everything we say is backed by real nutrition with registered dietitians verifying the facts. So you can trust that when we say “nutrient-dense” or “veggie-packed,” it’s not thrown around casually. It’s calculated and goes above and beyond your expectations. Because a healthier world starts with understanding exactly what is (and isn’t!) in your kid’s food.

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