Our Packaging

Nurture Life packaging

We want our children and yours to inherit a world as vibrant and wonderful as the one we see today. That’s why we use packaging made from recyclable materials and encourage our customers to responsibly dispose of their Nurture Life packaging!

Our Boxes

100% recyclable and made from over 85% recycled corrugated cardboard, our boxes are designed to be kinder to our environment. Simply recycle them in your curbside bin or let your kid’s imagination go wild and get cardboard crafty with forts, costumes and more!

Insulated Liner

Made from 85% recycled plastic bottles, our insulated liner is just as simple to recycle as your average beverage bottle! Simply place the liner in your curbside recycling bin along with any other plastic household containers.

Gel Packs

Our non-toxic gel packs can be stored in your freezer and reused any time! If you’d like to dispose of a pack, simply thaw on your counter, cut the package open, discard the gel in the trash and recycle the plastic bag anywhere #4 plastic is accepted. (Check your local grocery store!)

Meal Packaging

We use food-grade packaging materials for all of our meals, which are BPA-free and phthalate-free. Jars and trays are also recyclable! Dispose of these in your curbside recycling bin. Jar lids are made of #5 plastic and can be disposed of in most curbside recycling bins. (Check your local recycling program!)