Our Packaging

Our Boxes


100% recyclable and made from over 85% recycled corrugated cardboard, our boxes are designed to be kinder to our environment. Simply recycle them in your curbside bin or let your kid’s imagination go wild and get cardboard crafty with forts, costumes and more!

Insulated Liner

box liner | Nurture Life

Made from 95% recycled paper fibers, our insulated liner is just as simple to recycle as a piece of paper! Simply place the liner in your curbside recycling bin.

Gel Packs

ice pack

Our non-toxic gel packs can be stored in your freezer and reused any time! If you’d like to dispose of a pack, simply thaw on your counter, cut the package open, discard the gel in the trash and recycle the plastic bag anywhere #4 plastic is accepted. (Check your local grocery store!)

Meal Packaging


We use food-grade packaging materials for all of our meals, which are BPA-free and phthalate-free. Trays, tray sleeves, jars, and bottles are also recyclable! Dispose of these in your curbside recycling bin. Please dispose of meal seals and Mighty Bites bags in the trash.