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1. Choose Nutritious Meals

We have something for everyone—our Finger Foods, Toddler, Kid and Teen & Adult Meals and Shareables make it easy to get a variety of nutritious, ready-to-enjoy meals in balanced portions to offer the right nutrients at each stage of growth. We use real ingredients like organic produce, antibiotic-free proteins and whole grains, so you can feel great about any meal you choose. It’s the nutrition your family needs in flavors they’ll love.

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2. We Cook & Deliver

Our meals are designed by registered dietitians and chefs and handmade with real ingredients you can feel proud to serve. After we cook your meals, they are packaged and delivered fresh to your home in refrigerated boxes. Our meals have a shelf life of approximately one week from the delivery date (check the use by date right on the packaging!), and they can be frozen up to 90 days for an easy meal on hand anytime. We deliver to the entire contiguous United States, and orders start at $39 with free shipping and discounts as you add items!

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3. Your Family Loves Them

Designed for kids and families, our meals make it simple to please everyone from your picky eater to flavor explorer. Serve up meals in 2 minutes or less for a world of nutritious food your family will love to dig into. And even if your kid doesn’t touch a single veggie the rest of the day, you can rest easy knowing they’re getting balance in at least one meal!

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Trusted by Parents, Loved by Kids

Your meals have changed the nutrition of our 3-year-old for the better! We are so grateful to have found you! Die-hard customer here! Bridget Parent of a Toddler
As a Mompreneur to 3 active boys, it's a glorious sight when I open my refrigerator and see healthy meals ready to eat in 2 minutes. I never need to think about what to cook for dinner! Eirene Parent of 3 Kids
We just got our first delivery...amazing! My son even picked up a few pieces of the broccoli and ate it without me having to ask! I am jealously eyeing his dinner right now. Sara Parent of a Toddler

FAQs for Nurture Life's Healthy Meal Delivery Services

  • Is there an order minimum?

    Yes, our order minimum starts at just $39. This helps us cover our packaging and shipping costs.

    You can also receive free shipping and discounts based on your order:
    Spend $59 = free shipping
    Spend $79 = 5% off entire order and free shipping
    Spend $99 = 10% off entire order and free shipping

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  • What are the benefits of a Nurture Life's healthy meal delivery service subscription?

    A Nurture Life subscription gives you the flexibility to choose your meals each week or have your meals preset based on your family’s dietary, meal and quantity preferences, allowing you to put mealtime on autopilot. We make it easy for you to skip weeks, pause or cancel altogether so you have the flexibility you need for your family’s schedule. We just ask that any changes to a weekly order be made before your order cut-off date as our meals are made-to-order.

    You can also receive free shipping and discounts based on your order:
    Spend $59 = free shipping
    Spend $79 = 5% off entire order and free shipping
    Spend $99 = 10% off entire order and free shipping

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  • Do I have to order every week?

    Nope! We make it easy for you to skip weeks, pause or cancel altogether so you have the flexibility you need for your family’s schedule. We just ask that any changes to a weekly order be made before your order cut-off date as our meals are made-to-order.

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  • Who are Nurture Life meals for?

    Everyone! Our meals range from Finger Foods for your baby to an adult-sized meal for yourself or the whole family. Instead of a one-size-fits-all menu, we’ve designed meals by age group to ensure the right portions and nutrients for each family member’s developmental stage. We’ve also designed our variety of meals to satisfy any palate, from your pickiest eater to a flavor explorer.
  • What makes Nurture Life's healthy meal delivery service different?
    We don’t just say we’re healthy. Our meals are backed by real experts—a team of registered dietitians who understand your family’s nutritional needs and apply their knowledge to every meal we create. We deep dive into servings of veggies and macronutrient balance (a fancy phrase for the right amount of protein, fat and carbs) so that no matter what, you know your family is getting the nutrition they need. We’re also the only mealtime solution that offers ready-to-enjoy meals for all ages! You don’t have to shop around to feed the family—we’ve got something for everyone right here.

    Perfect for Picky Eaters

    In fact, if you're dissatisfied with your child's eating habits, you don't have to settle for raising another "picky eater." If kids aren't challenged with new foods and alternative flavors, they'll choose the familiar stuff again and again. Furthermore, it could take repeated attempts with a certain food before they'll develop a taste for it. But don't give up. After a while, they'll start to look forward to these new tastes and even prefer them to the simplistic tastes that dominate most kids' diets.

    The best part is that healthy meal delivery service for your children can set them up for a lifetime of responsible, healthy eating. And while they're developing their palate, they're also broadening their cultural horizons with tastes found in food from all over the world. Instead of "kids food" that comes out of a box or a can, complete with colorful mascots that belie the danger that lies inside, the food you serve your children can be healthy, nutritious and -- most importantly of all -- tasty, where meals become an adventure in taste instead of a reluctant trip for some fast food.

    Don’t Compromise Between Time and Taste

    After all, it's not like you have the time to make mini adult meals for your child each and every day -- planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning -- on top of meeting your other adulting obligations. It's all too easy to settle for the boxes and cans, as well as frozen food or takeout, but you're not doing anyone any favors. Your child is being robbed of a balanced and nutritious diet, precisely as their growing bodies and developing minds need it most.

    Instead of the guilt, Nurture Life is a healthy meal delivery service that works with your already strained modern life. Forget the laundry list of tasks and anxiety that comes with every meal, not to mention the clashes that force you to settle for those same old, boring meals that will stunt your kid’s palate and health. Nurture Life was created by a busy mom to solve exactly this problem: how do you feed your children fresh, nutritious food without spending your entire day on food?

    The Time Is Now to Teach Kids Healthy Eating Habits

    Due to the ways our kids eat, and the boxed or bagged food that provides an easy, constant stream of unhealthy snacks throughout the day, now is the perfect time to overhaul your child's diet, getting them on a path towards healthier, more responsible eating. That's something that will help them for life, and when you consider all that, it's actually a very affordable way to meet their nutritional needs without wrecking your schedule.

    Freshly made and delivered straight to your door, our meals are good for an entire week, so you or your child can pick exactly what to eat when each meal time comes. If you're going on a trip or have a surplus, you can also freeze our meals for up to 90 days for a delicious and healthy alternative to frozen foods.

    A Food Company That Has Your Best Interest In Mind

    Don't leave it up to the major food companies that pour huge budgets into telling us that foods have to be high in sugar, salt, and fat to catch the attention of kids. If they're exposed to it, children can grow to love all kinds of foods. It's really only here in the U.S. that kids have such restrictive, unhealthy diets, where they're allowed to subsist on foods that have the nutritional equivalent of the boxes they come in.

    That said, we know how hard it is to pull this off. There are nutritionists and dieticians to consult, chefs to make everything delicious, and complicated logistics to package and ship it all over the country. While we'd like to compete with the cheapest foods out there, we can't. But what you get with us is so much more, and the nutritious meals are an invaluable investment in your child's health and well-being.

    Great Meals, Regardless of Age

    From babies to teens, we make great meals that fit any household, whether you're a new mom (4+ months) or you have your hands full with rowdy, rambunctious teens Our meals are a delicious way to ensure that your kids get the nutrition they deserve, and they're appropriately portioned for the developmental needs of every age group. Simply put, Nurture Life is a healthy meal delivery service that's trusted by parents and loved by kids.

    While many of our meals are ready-to-eat, others take just two minutes to prepare, which is something even the busiest mom or dad can manage. And because they're delivered direct to your door, you won't ever again have to stop off for some fast food when you've got a refrigerator full of delicious options just waiting to be eaten.

    Balanced, Healthy Meal Delivery Options

    Unlike the limited nutrition of most foods, our meals are prepared with balance in mind. A simple protein such as chicken or fish, along with a sensible carbohydrate -- think whole grain or starchy vegetables, not tons of bread and sugary pastas -- as well as a few delicious vegetables is all you need for a satisfying and nutritious meal.

    It's this real food that will provide your kids and your family with a well-adjusted relationship with what you eat. By eating right, your child will be conditioning their body to crave tasty, healthy options while avoiding overly processed foods -- and that's something every parent can get behind.