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Select from a variety of seriously delicious, nutritious meals, made especially for babies, toddlers and kids, with only the best ingredients.

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Healthy Meal Delivery | Prepared Meal Delivery | Nurture Life


Your meals are cooked to order with real ingredients focused on organic veggies, antibiotic-free proteins and whole grains, and delivered fresh in refrigerated packaging to your door.

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Healthy Meal Delivery for Kids | Nurture Life


With craveable flavors for picky to adventurous eaters, your family will love diving into every bite, all ready-to-eat in less than 2 minutes. More smiles all around, less stress for you. Skip, pause or cancel at anytime.

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  • salmon

    Balanced Nutrition

    Designed by dietitians to prioritize a balance of proteins, veggies and whole grains

  • tractor-1


    Great food starts with great ingredients like organic veggies & antibiotic-free meats

  • onion-chicken


    We’ve got it all—picky eater pleasers, globally inspired delights and kids classics with a twist

  • babygreen-chick

    Happy Kids

    Plenty of smiles and exclamations of joy when your littles get a taste

  • cauliflower-tree

    Less Stress

    We do the planning, shopping, prepping and cooking. You heat them up in less than 2 minutes and serve

  • Mushroom-Barn


    You order it, we make it. Our healthy meal delivery provides fresh meals with peak flavor & nutrition

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  • What makes Nurture Life different?

    Nurture Life makes delicious, nutritious meals for babies, toddlers and kids and delivers them straight to your door—eliminating the stress of meal prep and giving you precious time back in your busy day. Convenience aside, we’re proud of what makes us different from other kids meal delivery companies:

    - Uncompromising focus on nutrition
    - Super-flexible ordering system
    - Diverse, kid-friendly flavors that even picky eaters can delight in!

    We balance every meal with guidance from our registered dietitians, and we make sure that veggies are found on every plate. We use the same high-quality ingredients you’d use in your own kitchen, except our meals are ready to be loved in just 1 minute!

  • Who is Nurture Life for?

    If your busy schedule makes it difficult to make healthy meals that your little one will actually eat, then Nurture Life is for you! We offer a varied menu of flavorful, well-balanced, thoughtfully portioned meals for babies, toddlers and kids. While all of our meals are packed with irresistibly kid-friendly flavors, they still serve up the clean, nutritious ingredients that kids need to grow up healthy and happy.

    When you need one less thing on your plate, Nurture Life is here. We deliver freshly made meals that your kids will love, and our flexible ordering system makes your day-to-day easier—exactly what every parent needs.

  • Is there an order minimum?

    Yes, our order minimum starts at just $39. This helps us cover our packaging and shipping costs.

    You can also receive free shipping and discounts based on your order:
    - Spend $59 = free shipping
    - Spend $79 = 5% off entire order and free shipping
    - Spend $99 = 10% off entire order and free shipping

    Browse our healthy meal delivery menu and start your order today.

  • How does Nurture Life’s subscription service work?

    The process is simple! You select nutritious and delicious meals from our menu, choosing your preferred number and selection of meals based on your kids’ ages and dietary preferences. Our order minimum starts at $39, with greater discounts as you add more to your order:

    - Spend $59 = free shipping
    - Spend $79 = 5% off your entire order + free shipping
    - Spend $99 = 10% off your entire order + free shipping

    Once you’ve placed your order, our chefs get to work! We’ll prepare your meals using the freshest ingredients with a focus on organic veggies and antibiotic- and hormone-free proteins. Within just about a week, your box will arrive fresh—cold but never frozen.

    Each week, we automatically fill your order with suggested meals based on your preferences, but you can log into your Nurture Life account to change what’s coming in your next order, skip that week, pause your account or cancel. Our healthy meal delivery service is designed to work for your family, no matter what your routine looks like.

  • Do I have to order every week?

    Nope! We make it easy for you to skip weeks, pause or cancel altogether so you have the flexibility you need for your family’s schedule. We just ask that any changes to a weekly order be made before your order cutoff date so that we can purchase the right amount of ingredients to make your meals. (You can find your cutoff information in the orders section of your account.)

    Get started building your first order today.

  • What are Nurture Life’s nutritional standards?

    With dietitian-designed meals, our meal philosophy is uncompromising:

    - Delicious AND nutritious
    - Veggies in every meal
    - Good source of protein
    - Real, organic ingredients
    - Fresh, never frozen

    Just as much as we care about what goes into our meals, we care about what DOESN’T go in:

    - No trans fat
    - No high fructose corn syrup
    - No artificial colors or flavors
    - No nitrates

    Plus, we keep sugar and salt low so your kid can enjoy the natural deliciousness of our real, clean ingredients. We pay such close attention to our meals because it’s what your kids (and you!) deserve. We never compromise on nutrition and are constantly working to source the freshest and best ingredients for babies, toddlers and kids.

  • How do you prepare Nurture Life meals?

    No prep work necessary! Simply heat our Kids Meals in the microwave for a meal ready in 1 minute, or place them in an oven-safe container and heat them in the oven. Our Finger Foods can be enjoyed hot or cold, but if you do heat them up, they should be transferred to a heat-safe container first. Enjoy our Snacks and Grab & Go Meals fresh from the package—no heating necessary.

    For full meal info including use by dates, heating instructions, nutrition facts and ingredients, just check the packaging!

  • Does Nurture Life’s menu change?

    Yes and no. Our core menu offers a set of customer favorites that never change. These meals are on our menu every week, ensuring that your kids’ go-to meals are always available.

    To keep things fresh, however, we also consistently introduce new meals to the Nurture Life menu. Every month or two, you can expect to see delicious new meals with creative flavors, clean ingredients and—of course—veggies on every plate!

    This gives your kids the opportunity to try even more ingredients, flavors and textures—familiarizing them with a variety of foods and helping expand their palates from an early age. Between our core meals and our new ones, we always have at least 25 Kids Meals, 12 Finger Foods, plus Snacks that are made to be enjoyed straight from the fridge!

    By giving us feedback on your order, you also have an important say in the changes we make to our healthy meal delivery menu. If you have a suggestion or request, we want to hear it at!