How It Works

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You Subscribe

Provide your kids’ ages and dietary preferences and our culinary team starts cooking up your weekly menu. Go with our Chef’s Choice Menu or select your meals from our Seasonal and Favorites Menus. Menus change weekly so that your kids can experience a variety of tastes to expand their palates. All meals are made-to-order and crafted to fit your child’s nutritional needs based on his or her stage of development.

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We Deliver

We deliver a week’s worth of meals straight to your door in an insulated box to maintain freshness. Even if you’re not home, our meals stay chilled until you can put them in the refrigerator later that day.

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Cold on Purpose

All our meals are made-to-order and arrive cold. All jars and food trays are sealed using modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), which removes the oxygen and replaces it with inert gasses to ensure meals stay fresh for as long as possible. Once your meals arrive, keep them cold in the refrigerator. All meals include use by dates.

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Reheat and Serve

All our meals are delivered ready-to-eat. When your kids are ready, just warm in your microwave or oven and serve. Meals include warming instructions and all meal labels include full ingredient lists. Nutrition Facts for all meals are available on our Nutrition Facts page.

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Our Packaging

We make sure our packaging is safe for your family and sustainable for their future. All our food packaging is BPA-free and recyclable. Our puree jars and food trays are refrigerator- and freezer-safe and our food trays are microwavable and oven-safe. Our exterior box and insulation are recyclable. Our gel packs are reusable and can be refrozen and reused as needed.