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8 Healthy Goodie Bag Ideas for Birthday Parties and More

Whether for birthday parties, Halloween celebrations or Valentine’s Day parties at school, goodie bags are a year-round staple for families with young children. Instead of falling back on sugary candies and overly processed foods, try out the healthy goodie bag ideas we’ve listed below!

Packed with vibrant colors, varied flavors and satisfying textures, your kids and their friends probably won’t even notice the extra boost of nutrients—and they definitely won’t miss the junk food.

1. SkinnyPop

skinny popThis wholesome snack is made from just three ingredients: popcorn, sunflower oil and salt. Containing no artificial flavors, SkinnyPop is also gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO. Plus, as a natural whole grain, popcorn is a great source of fiber for your little ones and their friends. (Photo Credit: @theskinnypop)

Fun goodie bag ideas with popcorn: Popcorn makes a great party snack on its own, but you can really amplify the fun by jazzing up your popcorn with nutritiously sweet toppings like this vanilla almond popcorn served in themed-mini-party bags.


Made with a few simple ingredients like egg whites, nuts and dried fruit, RXBARs are packed with fiber and protein. Available in several sizes and flavors made specially for kids, these are easy, no-prep goodie bag items that everyone will love.


LÄRABAR is another snack company that sticks to whole, minimally processed ingredients. Made from dried fruits and nuts, these bars are a great source of fiber and healthy fats for your kids.

Fun goodie bag ideas with snack bars: LÄRABARs can be easily “dressed up” for a little more fun! For example, try wrapping them with white crepe paper and hot-gluing googly eyes to make Halloween-themed mummy bars, or just cover the bars’ packaging with cute stickers in whatever theme fits the birthday party or holiday celebration.

5. Mary’s Gone Crackers

Made from brown rice, quinoa and a variety of seeds, crackers by Mary’s Gone are gluten-free, dairy-free and tree-nut- and peanut-free. Their allergy-friendly nature makes them especially recommended as goodie bag items for larger groups in which you may not be as familiar with each individual child’s dietary needs or potential food allergies.

meals for picky eaters

6. Almonds by Wonderful Almonds

Almonds are power-packed and filled with healthy fats and protein. They can be munched as is or combined with sweet or savory flavors for an enticing, on-the-go snack.

Fun goodie bag ideas with almonds: Make your own homemade trail mix by combining natural raw almonds with dried fruit and granola sweetened with honey or pure maple syrup. Wrap your trail mix in festive packaging like tissue paper turkeys for Thanksgiving, or use a regular zip-top bag and staple cute name tags for each of the party guests.

7. Chia Squeeze by Mamma Chia

These organic, allergy-friendly snacks are crafted from a blend of fruit, vegetables and chia seeds for a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber. In fact, chia seeds are one of our favorite superfoods for kids!

8. KIND Bars

Made from whole grains, seeds, dried fruit and sometimes a touch of dark chocolate, KIND Bars provide fiber, protein and antioxidants. The lightly sweet, chocolatey flavor makes them a great substitute for overly sweet candy bars.

9. Inka Crops Plantain Chips

A relative of the banana, plantains make a great sweet or salty snack. Inka Crops’ plantain chips are made using only plantains, palm oil and salt. A crunchy and appetizing alternative to fried potato chips, these plantain chips are lower in sodium and have no trans fats.

Fun goodie bag ideas with fruit chips: Toss the plantain chips with dried cherries, cranberries or other brightly colored dried fruit, and then package them into an adorable butterfly snack bag. The vibrant colors and varied shapes make an awesome pattern for butterfly wings! If you need a craftsy party activity, you can even have the kids decorate their own butterfly bags before taking them home.

No matter which holiday or birthday is just around the corner, there are a wide variety of easy, low-prep, healthy goodie bag ideas conveniently available on store shelves. As you select your goodie bag items, just remember to check the nutritional facts and focus on simple ingredients filled with fiber, protein and healthy fats. With goodie bags made from these nutritious, wholesome alternatives to junk food, your kids and their friends will be ready for day of fun-filled, active celebration—without the sugar crash!

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Rachael Janas

Rachael joined the Nurture Life team as the Marketing Production & QA Manager. From menu design to nutrient analysis, she covers all things food. Rachael is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian with a strong foundation in clinical nutrition and a keen interest in nutritious food with phenomenal flavor. Her passion for incorporating whole foods and creative cuisine while focusing on age-specific nutrient needs of children is essential to Nurture Life’s menu design. Rachael has been practicing dietetics since 2011, with the bulk of her experience in clinical nutrition at Loyola Medical Center, specializing in patients with cystic fibrosis as well as critical care nutrition related to lung disease and lung transplant. She also has experience in cardiac health and nutrition during pregnancy. Rachael received her B.S. from Saint Louis University in Missouri and completed a dietetic internship with Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Rachael’s interests include creative cooking at home, using a variety of ingredients, spices and herbs for a unique meal each night. She truly believes nutrition and food should be enjoyable and that all food can be enjoyed in moderation.

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