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9 Nutritious Treats for Valentine’s Day

There’s no doubt about it—Valentine’s Day is one of the sweetest holidays around. But from cookies and sweet treats to all that candy, the traditional celebration is laden with sugar and artificial dyes.

Even so, that doesn’t mean kids can’t take part in the fun. A few healthier substitutions paired with creative presentation will have little cupids sweet on all things St. Valentine. Here are 9 ideas for a fun day of healthy treats.

Heart-Shaped Breakfast

heart shaped quesadillasStart the day off with love—and a breakfast of healthy heart-shaped favorites. From whole wheat pancakes and waffles to eggs in a basket, creating a heart-themed meal is easier than you might think. (A heart-shaped cookie cutter goes a long way!) Looking for lunch options? Try a nut butter sandwich in a heart or heart-shaped quesadillas made with whole wheat tortillas, mozzarella cheese, black bean puree and a topping of salsa for that red punch!

Red Fruit Salad

Toss together some nutrient-filled red and pink fruits: Pomegranate seeds are brimming with antioxidants, strawberries and cherries are vitamin C powerhouses and red apples are a good source of fiber. Perfect for breakfast or a snack, this antioxidant-rich fruit salad is as pretty as it is nutrient-rich.

Veggies with a Message

Slice a few red bell peppers, baby carrots or celery into several thin strips and arrange a sweet surprise message. Look to classic conversation hearts for ideas—think fun phrases like “UR SWEET,” “LUV U” or “BE MINE.” Pair these veggies with your kid’s favorite hummus for a nutritious and filling snack.

Greek Yogurt Parfait

Layer protein-rich Greek yogurt with strawberries, top with some granola, and voilá—a Valentine’s Day breakfast or snack that keeps with the color scheme.

XO Cheese and Crackers

Grab a couple cookie cutters shaped like Xs and Os, then cut out a series from cheddar, Monterey jack or any other sliced cheese. Pair with whole grain crackers for an afternoon kid-friendly snack full of love.

Frozen Banana Splits

Fill a few red or pink silicone muffin cups with Greek yogurt or low-fat frozen yogurt, then layer on a few bite-sized pieces of banana. Add chopped strawberries, sliced almonds, chocolate chips or any other banana split toppings your kids like. Freeze and serve as a fun dessert that for your little loves.

Chocolate-Dipped Fruit

This classic Valentine’s Day treat is perfect for kids who like getting creative in the kitchen. Melt some semi-sweet chocolate, set out the parchment paper and use popsicle sticks for skewers. Let your little ones choose their fruit—anything from strawberries and bananas to clementines and berries will work.

Chocolate-Raspberry Poppers  

Ever notice that chocolate chips fit perfectly into raspberries? Try a mix of white, dark and milk chocolate chips, then use them to top a yogurt parfait or bowl of ice cream for a perfectly balanced dessert.  

100% Fruit Leathers

For an easy, on-the-go fruit snack, pack up a few of fruit leathers in various flavors. Look for options that do not contain any added sugar and that are made with 100% fruit ingredients. Bonus: These also make great Valentine’s Day gifts! Put on a few favorite stickers and have your kid hand them out with their Valentine’s for a fruity and nutritious treat.

Making your own healthy Valentine’s Day treats is a great way to ensure your kids opt for healthier treats free from artificial preservatives and coloring. Enjoy the natural sweetness from their favorite fruits and the time spent with your little one this Valentine’s Day!


Katie Klepek

Katie combines her passions—family, food and healthy lifestyle choices—with crafting a personalized experience for Nurture Life customers through all aspects of marketing. She has over 13 years of experience in business, communications and event planning, having previously co-founded the successful event production company Reinventing Events. Katie’s diverse background allows her to effectively combine communication and organization skills to develop, plan and deliver results. Katie attended the University of Illinois at Chicago. When she’s not spreading her cheer at Nurture Life, Katie can be found spending time with her daughter, running marathons and co-hosting a horror movie podcast with her husband.