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The Back-to-School Guide None of Us Want But All of Us Need

Even under normal circumstances, the impending school year is a stressful time for parents and kids. But this year, back-to-school stress has intensified (to say the least) as we watch a pandemic sweep through our country and listen to endless opinions about schools reopening and whether it’s safe for our kids to return. 

With our lives strapped into what feels like a never ending rollercoaster, parents need some help. So no matter what school decisions you face this year with virtual learning, homeschooling, in-person learning or some mix of it all, we’re here to help you plan and make the right choices for your family. Here’s a list of resources for staying healthy, learning at home, maintaining balance and managing stress during back-to-school 2020



For kids returning to the classroom this year, their health is unquestionably at the top of all of our minds, so we’ve laid out a 5-part plan and resources for helping make the transition as smooth and healthy as possible for the entire family.

1. Talk to Your Kids About COVID-19

Back to school 2020

Having an honest, calm conversation about COVID-19 with your kids will help them understand the importance of safety measures as they return to school. Even if your conversation can’t guarantee your kid will always wash their hands properly or keep their masks on, it can help them feel more in control as they navigate the changes away from home. 


Remember to continue this conversation beyond the first few days of class so kids remember how to stay safe and don’t feel like the rules are being relaxed. 

2. Create A Contingency Plan

Before your kids go back to school, create a COVID back-to-school plan in case they get sick. Designate a room in your house for a sick family member to quarantine in and plan additional precautions for high-risk family members. Use this household checklist from the CDC for more guidelines. 

3. Get the Right Supplies

back to school 2020

In addition to traditional back-to-school supplies, your kid might want to head back with some extra goods to keep them healthy.


  1. Kid-friendly face masks
  2. Portable hand sanitizer
  3. Kids’ disinfectant wipes travel pack

Back to school 2020

4. Have Healthy Home Habits 

Keeping your kids safe at school starts with some simple steps at home. 


5. Ensure They’re Fueled for Success

Back-to-school 2020

Whether your kids’ school cafeterias are closed or lunchtime will be spent at home a few days a week, it’s important to make sure your kids are receiving the nutrition they need to maintain a healthy immune system. Nurture Life is here to help—from our time-saving fresh school lunches to our healthy snack ideas for kids. 



If your kid won’t be returning to the classroom, we’ve put together resources to help them adjust to learning in the home. 

How to Create an At-Home Learning Environment

Back-to-school 2020

It may be hard for your kids to separate “school time” from their regular time at home. But you can help create this distinction by setting up a designated spot in your house where your kids can be distraction-free (even if it is just a corner away from your working corner). Use this guide to creating a productive virtual learning environment and consider investing in some household items to create a motivating space for your kids:

  1. Kids’ desk 
  2. Crate&kids desk organizer
  3. Back-to-school supplies set

back to school 2020

At-Home Learning Resources for Younger Kids

Back-to-school 2020

While preschool- through kindergarten-aged kids might not have the same school-day structure as older kids, school provides opportunities for younger kids to meet key developmental milestones. Here are some resources to expose your younger kids to activities that will continue their learning and development: 

At-Home Learning Resources for Older Kids

back-to-school 2020

For older kids who are feeling behind without in-person instruction or are not engaged in virtual classes, here are some of our favorite options for supplementary learning: 


back to school 2020

Whether you’re trying to maintain your work schedule while your kids are learning at home, or you’re in the midst of figuring out pick-ups and drop-offs will work with hybrid schedules, here are a few resources to help keep life balanced this school year: 

As you navigate a completely different year, remember that it’s okay to ask for help. Whether you decide to delegate chores to your kids or outsource school day meals with Nurture Life’s healthy kids meal delivery, it’s normal to need to take pressure off of your typical responsibilities!

back-to-school 2020


Mental wellness is important for every member of your family as the new back-to-school season brings new challenges. Whether your kids are returning to in-school classes or virtual learning, remember to check in with them about their feelings, worries or anxieties about heading back to school with these helpful tips:

While it’s completely normal to worry about your kids this back-to-school season, it’s important to remember your own well being. Parents are extending themselves more than ever before, and this stress can weigh heavily on your ability to keep going. Remember to take a moment for yourself, even if it’s just with one of these simple tips for parent self-care.

As you work to keep your families safe, establish new learning routines and adjust to changing schedules, remember you’re doing the best you can to navigate uncharted waters. We may not have a clear vision of where this year is going, but we do know that 2020 is the year to get and give help anywhere you can.

While no one has all the answers this back-to-school season, Nurture Life is here to help with your kids’ nutrition. Send a message to our nutrition experts at if you have any questions about your kids’ nutrition this school year. 

healthy kids meals


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