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Creative, Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Full of cards, flowers and sweet treats, Valentine’s Day is an exciting holiday for children of all ages. Our roundup of Valentine’s Day crafts for kids will help you spread the festive love—and show your little ones that the most thoughtful expressions come straight from the heart!

Cute Valentine’s Day Cards and Gifts

No Sew Heart Pillow

This easy craft requires just two pieces of felt and some stuffing, such as craft cotton fill, old towels or even crumpled newspaper. All you have to do is cut out two matching hearts, trim 1-inch strips all the way around the edges and then tie them together!

Heart-Shaped Cardboard Picture Frame

Have an empty box laying around? Turn it into a DIY picture frame! Cut out a heart from one side of the box (Nurture Life boxes are perfect for this and other kid-friendly cardboard crafts), and then encourage your little ones to bedazzle them to their hearts’ content. Markers, glitter, ribbon, paint, buttons, plastic jewels…encourage your kids’ imagination with whatever you happen to have around the house.

Animal-Themed Be-My-Valentine Cards

Animals are always a hit, and there are plenty of cute, love-themed animal idioms to draw from. Work with your little ones to adapt the following phrases into adorable Valentine’s Day cards that are perfect to share with family members, classmates and friends:

Handmade Valentine’s Day Decorations

Suitable for children of all ages, these handmade Valentine’s Day crafts for kids will adorn your home with touches of love.

Thumbprint Heart Jars

Thumbprint heart jars double as Valentine’s Day decorations and precious keepsakes for parents, grandparents and caregivers. Paint mason jars red, white or pink and then form a simple heart shape from two overlapping thumbprints in a contrasting color. For even more family fun, mask up and take an excursion around the neighborhood (or to the local flower shop) to fill your vases with your kids’ favorite blooms!

Paper Heart Door Wreath

Buy some Valentine’s themed paper from a craft store (or use thicker wrapping paper from your at-home stash) and let your little ones cut out hearts of various sizes and shapes. Glue the hearts onto cardboard, wire or foam backing and top it off with a cute ribbon hanger.

Coffee Filter Heart Garland

Love is literally in the air with these quick and easy heart garlands! Have your kids draw on white coffee filters, cut them into heart shapes and then string them together with ribbon to hang over doorways, banisters or walls.

Valentine’s Day Collage Hearts

In addition to hands-on fun, this craft activity will get your family talking. Use old magazines and newspapers to cut out words and images that represent love. As you each build your own “love collage,” discuss what love means to you, name specific things that you love about each other and brainstorm ways to show your appreciation to those you love most.

Crafty Valentine’s Day Snacks

Holidays bring out the foodie in all of us, and these crafty Valentine’s Day snacks are both fun and nutritious.

Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe Snack Craft

It’s okay to play with your food with this tic-tac-toe snack craft! Using only candy hearts and graham crackers, you can create a yummy game that’s entertaining for little ones to make, play and eat. For a still festive but more health-conscious twist, substitute whole wheat graham crackers and bright red fruits and veggies. (We like playing strawberries against raspberries!)

“Apple of My Eye” Apples

There’s no better way to say “You’re the apple of my eye” than with real apples. Print out these charming labels (or have your kids design their own) and stick them on whole apples or a packet of squeezable all-fruit applesauce.

Not big on apples? These punny Valentine’s Day labels work great for other healthy snacks too:

  • I’m going bananas over you.
  • I’m nuts about you.
  • We make a great pear.
  • I love you cherry much.

For more yummy holiday treat ideas, check out these 9 wholesome Valentine’s Day snacks!

Valentine’s Day may be known as a romantic holiday, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to discuss, express and share love as a family. With these Valentine’s Day crafts for kids, you’ll inspire creativity and encourage a loving, caring spirit that goes far beyond February 14th!

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