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12 Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Flowers, cards and jewelry might be Mother’s Day staples, but one of the best ways to celebrate mom is also one of the simplest: a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed cooked up by the kids. Here are 12 breakfast ideas for mom, including easy recipes that are perfect for younger kids to help prepare. And because mom also deserves to sleep a little later on her special day, we’ve included breakfast ideas that can easily translate to brunch for a relaxing early afternoon.

French Toast Bake

There are only 2 dishes to clean when the kids make this classic Mother’s Day breakfast, served warm with fresh fruit and syrup. Little ones will love doing the prep work with their parents the evening before, then waking up on Mother’s Day to finish their creation.

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Filling Oat Waffles

This is the perfect breakfast idea for mom that younger kids can help with. These fun, colorful waffles can be “filled” with anything from blueberries and diced bananas to chocolate chips and syrup. Older kids can whip these up with a waffle iron, while younger ones can help fill.

French Toast Kebabs

Kebabs are one of the most kid-friendly foods out there, and this recipe is no different. Let your kids choose which fruit to skewer on between the French toast chunks, from strawberries and banana to kiwi and melon. Try 100% whole wheat bread for a hearty, fiber-filled treat.

Berry Flower Bagel Breakfast

berry bagel mother's day breakfast

Just 4 ingredients and a no-bake approach make this Mother’s Day breakfast simple to assemble (and ideal for smaller kids). An adult might need to spread the cream cheese, but let the little ones arrange the “flowers” into their very own work of art.

Strawberry Smoothie

Every Mother’s Day breakfast needs a refreshment on the side, and this easy-to-make smoothie fits the bill. Filled with bone-building calcium (a nutrient important for moms too!), smoothies are a great accompaniment to the start of the day meal. With just 5 ingredients, even younger kids can help mix it up—or at least start the blender.

Fruit Flower Snack

This fun recipe checks 2 Mother’s Day must-haves off the list: flowers and breakfast! An adult should slice up the fruit, but kids will have fun assembling the flowers and planting a “garden” in a bowl.    

Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal

What’s the best part about this Mother’s Day breakfast? Kids can customize the toppings just for mom using ingredients they already have on hand such as dried fruit, sliced almonds and cinnamon. Plus, with the help of an adult, it only takes 20 minutes to make!  

Banana Bread with Greek Yogurt

Mom will love that this classic breakfast treat is made with protein-rich Greek yogurt. Kids will love smashing up the bananas and stirring the granola into the batter. Present it with her favorite mug full of coffee and you have the perfect morning meal!

Ham & Cheese Brunch Bake

This casserole might look complicated, but the recipe is perfectly suited for older kids. A tasty option for a Mother’s Day brunch, this baked dish will also greet mom with a delicious savory smell on her special day.

Baked Dippy Eggs

This recipe was written with kids in mind, using uncomplicated phrases and words they’ll understand. The dish highlights the small but mighty nutrient-powerhouse: eggs! They’re filled with 18 vitamins and minerals and just 70 calories. Little ones will love serving mom “dippers” for her eggs. Serve with a side of fresh fruit to make it a delicious and well-rounded meal!

There’s nothing like giving a homemade gift, especially when it involves food. Show mom just how much you appreciate her by making a one-of-a-kind breakfast in bed. Get the whole family involved, add a card and her favorite morning drink and enjoy this special day. Happy Mother’s Day!

healthy kids meals


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