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Family Meal Planning Made Easy: Mains & Sides to Mix & Match

Our number one goal at Nurture Life is to have a positive impact on the way kids eat while helping you get food on the table that the whole family can enjoy together.

Our Family Meals serve up the same enticing flavors, diverse cuisine inspirations and wholesome nutrition as all of our baby, toddler and kids meals. The only difference is that they’re crafted to delight everyone!

Here’s how our Family Meals work to provide easy family meal planning:

  1. Order mains, sides or both. Our Family Meal components are prepared individually, so you’ll have complete flexibility with your weekly family meal plan. Order a main and side together for an easy, delicious meal, or get them individually to round out your own homemade casserole or signature veggies.
  2. Adjust for your family size. Our Family Meal mains and sides come in servings of 2 for mains and 2–4 for sides. Order 2 servings to satisfy just the parents or smaller families, or more to have enough to go around.
  3. Feel good about what’s inside! Just like our kid meals, our Family Meal components keep salt, added sugar and saturated fat in check. They provide the simplicity of “heat and eat” frozen meals but with more mindful nutrition.

healthy kids meals

Nurture Life Family Meals are available as add-ons to existing baby, toddler or kid meal plans. For family meal planning that’s practically effortless, log into your Nurture Life account and add your favorite mains, sides or both! If you’re new to Nurture Life, get started here!

How to Plan Meals: 5 Tasty & Nutritious Combos for the Whole Family

With kids, it can be easy to forget to nourish yourself—but parents shouldn’t have to scarf down leftovers just to get some dinner! For fast, wholesome meals that everyone can savor together, try out our favorite Family Meal combinations of mains and sides below.

1. Sweet & Sour Beef, Roasted Vegetable Medley and Sweet Potato Mash

family meal planning

This Family Meal combination serves up the protein of antibiotic-free, hormone-free beef as well as the fiber, vitamins and minerals of freshly roasted veggies and creamy sweet potatoes. It has everything you need for a mindfully balanced meal!

What makes it great: Each serving of Asian-inspired goodness provides 2 cups of colorful veggies and 50% of your recommended daily iron.

2. Pork Al Pastor, Za’atar Sweet Potatoes & Onions and Southwest-Style Roasted Veggies

Combining a protein, starch and veggie, this meal is balanced in both nutrition and flavor. The tenderly braised pork offers 53 grams of muscle-fueling protein, while the spiced sweet potatoes and bright veggies serve up plenty of dietary fiber to keep you feeling full.

What makes it great: Per serving, this Family Meal combination dishes out 2 cups of veggies as well as 60% of your child’s daily iron needs.

3. Chicken Meatballs, Veggie & Feta Orzo and Cheesy Broccoli & Cauliflower

Light chicken meatballs, zesty orzo and cheese-smothered veggies make for another protein, starch and veggie trifecta. We especially love this Family Meal combination for picky eaters! The meatballs are perfect for fun character picks, and the familiar cheese sauce is always a hit with little ones.

What makes it great: Along with nearly 2 cups of veggies and 40% of your child’s daily iron needs, this Family Meal combination serves up as much calcium as a glass of milk.

4. Veggie Lasagna and Roasted Vegetable Medley

family meal planning lasagna

Thanks to hearty Italian flavors and creamy ricotta cheese, even meat eaters will dive into this vegetarian dish! With whole wheat lasagna noodles, layers of pureed veggies and roasted veggies on the side, this meal has a whopping 18 grams of fiber—great for digestive health.

What makes it great: No need to worry about how to plan meals with veggies! Every serving of this Family Meal combination includes 4 full cups of veggies.

5. Miso Mahi Mahi and Soy-Garlic Rice With Stir-Fry Veggies

Packed with healthy fats and 30 grams of hearty protein, our Mahi Mahi is a nutritious addition to any of our meal plans. Its mild fish flavor tends to be well accepted even by non-seafood eaters, while seasoned rice and veggies round out the meal with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

What makes it great: Brown rice is a whole grain with antioxidant vitamins as well as protein and fiber to keep your family feeling satisfied long after lunch or dinner.

Nurture Life Family Meals make it easier to serve freshly made meals for your whole family. Breeze through your next family meal planning session by ordering some of our featured combos, or support your favorite homemade dishes by adding a few mains and sides to your baby, toddler or kid meal plans. Either way, you’ll get mealtime flexibility with flavors that everyone will enjoy!

Have questions about nutrition, our new Family Meals or how to order them? Reach out to the Nurture Life team at

healthy kids meals


Lara Field

Lara has been working with Nurture Life since its inception, collaborating with the culinary team on the creation of all menus and recipes to ensure they are nutritionally appropriate and correctly proportioned for every age and stage of a child’s development and providing pediatric nutrition expertise to Nurture Life customers. Lara is the owner/founder of FEED—Forming Early Eating Decisions, a nutrition consulting practice specializing in pediatric nutrition and digestive diseases. Lara has over a decade of experience in clinical practice at two of the top ranked pediatric hospitals in the country, Lurie Children’s Hospital and University of Chicago Medical Center. Lara received her B.S. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and M.S. and dietetic internship from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. Lara truly enjoys the process of eating (and feeding!), from procuring the ingredients at various grocery stores and farmers markets, to organizing her pantry/refrigerator at home to make it easy to select healthy options, to preparing balanced meals with her children. Whether it be a decadent treat to a hearty, home-cooked meal, there is no greater satisfaction for Lara than enjoying food with her family.

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