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Meet Lara Field

When Steve and I founded Nurture Life, one of the first things on our to-do list was to find a pediatric registered dietitian with a deeply rooted passion for kids and nutrition. After much research, recommendations from trusted pediatricians and meetings with different dietitians, we found Lara Field.

In our first meeting with Lara, her enthusiasm and devotion to her work were immediately apparent. We were also impressed by her educational and clinical background, which includes experience at two top-ranked pediatric hospitals, Lurie Children’s Hospital and University of Chicago Medical Center. These credentials, coupled with Lara’s dedication to impacting the healthy development of children, make her a great fit for our team. We’re proud that Lara has been a part of Nurture Life since its inception.

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Lara’s story

When Lara was 10 years old, her dad’s high cholesterol led him to make big changes in their family’s kitchen. They threw out the bacon, switched to egg whites and added plenty of fruits and vegetables to their meals. They also started cooking more at home, and the cookbooks around the house inspired Lara. [post_widget id=”3385″]

She soon became her dad’s sous chef. “One of the most memorable things my dad made when I was a kid were oat bran muffins,” she said. “We cheerfully referred to them as ‘Dad’s muffins.’”

Later, when it came time to decide her career path, Lara reflected on the powerful influence nutrition had on her family, and it seemed natural for Lara to become a dietitian.

Today, Lara is the owner and founder of FEED (Forming Early Eating Decisions), a nutrition-consulting practice that specializes in pediatric nutrition and digestive diseases. Prior to FEED, Lara spent over a decade in clinical practice at Rush University Medical Center, Lurie Children’s Hospital and the University of Chicago Medical Center as a registered dietitian with the Pediatric Gastroenterology Team.

Lara’s role at Nurture Life

As our pediatric registered dietitian, Lara collaborates with our culinary team to create menus and recipes, making sure each is nutritionally appropriate and correctly proportioned for every age and stage of a child’s development. Lara also works with our culinary team to ensure our meals continually incorporate new, adventurous ingredients and cuisines to help expand children’s palates. Lara’s passion for children’s nutrition and for creating healthy eating habits from the start are the driving forces in her career.

“I’m frequently asked to align with various companies, but I only say ‘yes’ to what I believe in,” Lara said. “Dedication to providing a healthy product is powerful, but more importantly, we’re affecting the lives of children and families.”

healthy kids meals

Jennifer Chow

Jennifer Chow

Jennifer is a lifelong foodie and mother of two little boys whose passion for helping families through childhood nutrition led her to start Nurture Life. As she works towards setting a new standard for the kids food industry, Jennifer focuses on new product development and innovation, customer experience and strategy. Prior to Nurture Life, Jennifer spent 17 years in marketing and product development in the technology industry, most recently as vice president of marketing at a high-growth, cloud platform startup. She previously ran marketing at a media software company and cleantech company. Jennifer holds a B.S. in Economics and MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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