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Introducing 5 New Stage 3 Baby Meals!

Just like your baby who’s growing every day, Nurture Life is continuously refining our baby food subscription menu to better meet your little one’s needs—delighting their taste buds, developing their motor skills and offering more complete nutrition during this critical phase of cognitive and physical development. Today we’re excited to share our five newest Finger Foods for Baby Stage 3!

Highlights of Our New Stage 3 Baby Meals

Our newest recipes have gone through Nurture Life’s rigorous meal development process and are now ready for delivery to your little one’s high chair. We’ll be highlighting some specific features of the meals below, but in general, all of our newest Stage 3 Baby Meals offer:

  • New flavor profiles, ranging from totally savory to lightly (and naturally!) sweet
  • New protein sources including paneer and green garbanzo beans
  • Perfectly sized chunks of food to help your baby learn to self-feed and develop the pincer grasp

What’s not new is the fact that Nurture Life’s Baby Meals have no added preservatives, and they’re not smooth purees or blended pouches, which experts agree can hinder your baby’s self-feeding progress. Each of our Finger Foods has been developed by R&D chefs and registered dietitians to provide the healthy nutritional balance and developmental skill-building that your growing baby needs.

Our 5 Newest Stage 3 Baby Food Meals

Nurture Life’s Stage 3 Baby Meals are different from typical baby food, and we like it that way! Here are some highlights from our newest Finger Foods for your baby.

Chicken, Sweet Potato & Waffle

Chicken, Sweet-Potato & Waffle Finger Food

Sweet and savory flavors make this meal perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Finger-friendly chunks of chicken breast provide enough protein to meet your baby’s full recommended daily requirements. With a waffle that focuses on whole grains and organic sweet potatoes on the side, one jar provides a thoughtful balance of whole grain carbohydrates and soft, age-appropriate textures for your baby to explore.

The larger waffle piece is perfect for babies who are just learning to self-feed, while the smaller chunks of chicken and sweet potato will provide a healthy dose of challenge and fun.

Mini Falafel, Carrot & Rice 

Mini falafel, carrot & rice Finger Food

Ideally sized for a baby’s first finger foods, this mini falafel is inspired by traditional Middle Eastern cuisine made friendly for young babies who are just learning to eat real food. The falafel patty is large enough for easy grasping and can help develop key motor skills that will later be used to pick up smaller foods and grip utensils. 

Our falafel’s green garbanzo beans are a plant-based protein full of dietary fiber and essential nutrients like potassium, iron and calcium. The falafel patty’s smooth, easy-to-mush texture is complemented by organic brown rice (warmly spiced with a dash of curry powder!) and steamed organic carrots. In a single jar, your baby will experience a range of colors, shapes and sizes to play with and pick up.

Oatmeal Protein Bite & Sweet Potato

Oatmeal Protein Bite & Sweet Potato Finger Food

These oatmeal protein bites look like little meatballs but are made from a naturally sweet blend of oatmeal, garbanzo beans, raisins and a touch of orange zest. For extra vitamins, minerals and flavorful goodness, the jar is rounded out with chunky sweet potatoes tossed in a cinnamon raisin puree. Like many of our Finger Foods, this meal focuses strongly on organic ingredients—with sweet potato, raisins, whole grain rolled oats, garbanzo beans, vanilla extract and cinnamon, all organic!

With 8 grams of fiber and nearly half of a day’s serving of protein in a single jar, these healthy protein bites will keep your baby feeling full and contribute to healthy digestion. They’re also perfectly sized for even the earliest eaters to grab and hold with confidence.

Paneer, English Pea & Carrot

Paneer, English Pea & Carrot Finger Food

Incorporating a classic Indian cheese with English peas and steamed carrots, this colorful trio will delight your baby’s eyes and taste buds. The cheese serves up an entire day’s worth of protein and calcium, along with fat that is critical to early brain and neurological development. If your baby has not yet experienced many spices, a light dusting of curry powder will set a foundation for palate development—tasting warm and new but not at all overpowering. 

The smaller chunks of food will give your baby confidence picking up pieces, holding them and self-feeding. With bright colors, a variety of shapes and textures, and a touch of flavorful spice, this Stage 3 baby food definitely encourages play and experimentation!

Mac & Cheese with Peas

Mac & Cheese with Peas Finger Food

Mac and cheese is an almost-universal kid favorite, and our Stage 3 version of this classic meal embraces the well-loved flavors while setting a healthier expectation as your baby grows up. By serving this veggie-filled version right from the start, your baby will develop an understanding that, yes, mac and cheese can have “green stuff”—and still be delicious!

Our creamy four-cheese sauce is smoothly blended with butternut squash for a vivid pop of color, plus extra fiber and vitamins. Your baby can have fun grabbing whole handfuls of cheesy pasta with peas or practice a more precise pincer grasp.

Need Some Guidance on Stage 3 Baby Food?

Not sure whether your baby is ready for their first finger foods? Nurture Life’s Stage 3 Baby Meals are often recommended for babies 10 months and up, but every baby develops differently. You can learn more about when and how to move through the baby food stages in our many parent resources:

If you have any questions about Nurture Life’s new Stage 3 Finger Foods or how to place your first baby food subscription order, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Just send our child nutrition experts a message at

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Imaide Steverango

As a Research and Development Chef at Nurture Life, Imaide is in charge of developing nutritionally dense, culturally diverse meals for babies, toddlers and kids. Her goal is to create delicious meals that balance protein, veggies and complex carbs in dishes that celebrate flavors and ingredients that might not otherwise be introduced into the home. She loves the challenge of making veggies more kid-friendly, especially when she finds a way to showcase them at the forefront of a meal. With a Bachelor’s degree in culinary nutrition and a concentration in clinical dietetics, Imaide brings a balance of culinary expertise and nutrition knowledge. In her previous position as Executive Chef and Food Service Director at a childcare center, she was in charge of feeding children from 6 months to 6 years old. This allowed her to gain a strong understanding of what flavors, textures and ingredients kids love. Imaide’s passion for food is rooted in its power to bring people together—food lets children learn about diversity and how what we eat can help us accept each other’s differences.

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