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New Nurture Life, Same Mission—A Healthier World Through Better Nutrition for Our Kids

Last year we embarked on a journey to raise the standard on everything we do—from our meals and menus to our packaging. We challenged ourselves to take our work to the next level: a greater variety of nutrient-rich meals, a more flexible ordering system, and a new look and packaging that would give parents and kids a peek into the nutrition of every meal. 

We want to take this opportunity to explain exactly what’s changed—and, just as importantly, what hasn’t. Your family is an essential part of the Nurture Life mission, and I’d like to share our vision with you directly, not from co-founder to customer, but from parent to parent.

And even though a lot is new, we’ve kept what our customers have loved about us from the very beginning! With this evolution, we’ve only gotten more flexible, more kid-friendly and most importantly, even bolder on our mission of inspiring healthy futures for every child. 

healthy kids meals

Why the New Look?

When Steve and I created Nurture Life in 2015, we dreamed of reaching the point where we’d be large enough and impactful enough to make a real difference in families’ lives and encourage the food industry to do better for our kids. We ourselves had been frustrated by the lack of healthy options for kids and felt overwhelmed by the neverending planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning cycle required to feed our sons real, fresh, healthy foods—and our business has been built on and driven by this very personal experience.

Today I’m proud to say that we’re growing into the company that Steve and I aspired to, thanks in large part to the tremendous dedication and commitment of our team along with continual input from parents and kids alike. As Nurture Life has grown and evolved, it became clear that we needed a new look to capture the full scope of our mission—a look that helps both parents and kids understand, love and explore the nutrition in each meal. A look that helps parents feed their kids today while also teaching them to love real, nutritious foods for a lifetime. 

To fulfill this admittedly bold mission, today we’re revealing everything new at Nurture Life—all made to help you and your kids get the most out of mealtime.

New and Improved Kids Meals with More Flexibility

At Nurture Life’s core is a team of passionate people who want to help grow your village, providing solutions and support for parents to raise healthy kids. To fully deliver on this vision, we turned to the voices that matter: the parents who trust us to help feed their kids.

We listened to what parents loved and didn’t love about us, and we worked hard to change our approach based on what real families need. Here are just three of the biggest and most exciting changes—all based on what parents like you have been asking for.

Reimagined Recipes

At Nurture Life, high quality ingredients and nutrition has always come first, which is why one of our first steps in founding Nurture Life was to bring on pediatric registered dietitians and research and development chefs who have backgrounds in nutrition and cooking for kids. We’ve maintained this same commitment from the beginning, but we’ve now improved all of our menus for babies, toddlers, kids and families—offering the same balanced nutrition but even better flavors, a greater variety of veggies and more creative ingredients.

Some of our kids meals are completely new, like our Mini Pupusas with Fiesta Corn & Zucchini, while some are new-and-improved versions of Nurture Life favorites that continue to raise the standard for kids food in America. For instance, our Chicken Bites with Mashed Sweet Potatoes & Green Beans now offer more protein and a new type of green bean with a crisper texture that shouts fresh. 

Flexible Ordering, More Options 

We want our baby, toddler and kids meals to be available if and when you need them. We aren’t trying to replace your kitchen but rather to expand it—giving you a helping hand on the days you just can’t do it all yourself. (Or on the days you don’t want to do it all yourself, which is perfectly okay, too.)

With our new, flexible ordering system, you can build your own box to select the right mix of meals based on your family’s ever-changing needs and schedule. Instead of being committed to specific plans based on your child’s age, you can customize your order with meals from any age group. Want a few Finger Foods for your 10 month old, some Cold Lunches for your 4 year old and a few Family Meals for yourself? No problem. Now with each order, you can choose what works for your family.

Along with more flexibility, we’re also offering more variety each week. Every age group has increased meal options to make it easier for your family to find something they love, and meals stay consistent so that you always know your kid’s favorites will be on the menu.

Kid-Friendly Packaging

A huge part of the Nurture Life mission is to help kids learn about food. We don’t just want to feed kids, but rather to encourage independent discovery, exploration and learning! That’s why we’ve totally revamped our meal packaging to better showcase what’s in our meals

Our new packaging highlights nutritious ingredients through imaginative illustrations, introducing your children to a world where grilled chicken boats sail the open sea and butternut squash cows are peacefully out to pasture. A touch of age-appropriate imagination can help spark conversations about food and get kids excited about choosing their own eating adventure. 

The pictures aren’t just for your kids, though! We also wanted to give parents a better look at what’s in our meals. Every ingredient featured in our illustrations is a real ingredient in your child’s meal. You can literally see the nutrition come to life.

The Same Commitment to Balanced Nutrition at Every Age

No matter how much has changed, Nurture Life’s core mission hasn’t. Our entire team is united around the same goal that we’ve always shared: to give families nutritious, freshly made meals in an age where there aren’t enough healthy options that your child wants to eat, and there isn’t enough time to cook everything yourself. 

Although our meals are boxed up in newer, more kid-friendly packages, they’re still based on the same core principles: nutritional balance, high-quality ingredients, age-appropriate portions and kid-friendly tastes. We still use just enough seasoning to bring out our ingredients’ natural goodness so that your kids can appreciate what real food tastes like. And, of course, we will always be picky-eater friendly! 

As one more member of your village, we’re here to give you some relief whenever life gets hectic and to support you in raising kids who feel happy, healthy and good. We believe that your kids deserve better than typical kids meals, and with our recent changes, we aren’t stopping at “better”! We want to provide the best meals for babies, toddlers and kids of all ages. 

We appreciate being invited to your table and will continue to raise the standards for your kids and ours. If you have any questions about our mission, our menu or our ordering process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or reach out to me directly at

healthy kids meals

Jennifer Chow

Jennifer Chow

Jennifer is a lifelong foodie and mother of two little boys whose passion for helping families through childhood nutrition led her to start Nurture Life. As she works towards setting a new standard for the kids food industry, Jennifer focuses on new product development and innovation, customer experience and strategy. Prior to Nurture Life, Jennifer spent 17 years in marketing and product development in the technology industry, most recently as vice president of marketing at a high-growth, cloud platform startup. She previously ran marketing at a media software company and cleantech company. Jennifer holds a B.S. in Economics and MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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