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How it Works


1. Choose Your Meals

Select from a menu of delicious, nutritionally balanced meals made with real, clean ingredients like organic veggies & antibiotic-free proteins.


2. We Cook & Deliver

Our chef-made meals are cooked by hand in our kitchen and delivered weekly to your door.


3. Eat. Love. Repeat.

Serve up every meal in under 2 minutes, and let your family dive into flavors they’ll love created by our chefs & dietitians. Skip, pause or cancel at anytime.


Bite-sized Finger Foods for little ones learning to self-feed. Delicious Kids Meals for toddlers and kids ready for bigger meals and more variety. Wholesome snacks to fuel up any time of day. We’ve cooked up all the best nutritious delights for your little ones. Goodbye kitchen stress.

Beef Meatloaf, Butternut Squash & Broccoli
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chicken meatballs Kids Meal | Nurture Life
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Chocolate Chip Snacks | Nurture Life
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Meals you’ll be Proud to serve

  • Delicious AND nutritious
  • Veggies in every meal
  • Good source of protein
  • Real, organic ingredients
  • Fresh, never frozen

We’re proud of what’s inside

We only cook with the best ingredients. That’s why every meal is more delicious than the next.

what's inside Nurture Life meals

Our Story Is Your Story

our story | Nurture Life

We are busy parents, just like you, who care tremendously about what our kids eat, but rarely have the time to do all the planning, shopping, prepping and cooking ourselves. We created Nurture Life to give parents a new way to feed their families—fresh, delicious, nutritionally balanced meals that never compromise on taste and always deliver on convenience.

Real Food,
Real families!

Because It’s #whatkidsdeserve. See how families across the U.S. are loving mealtime with @nurturelife.

Overall 4.5 / 5
Nurture Life Kids Meal Delivery Reviews

breannorton IT MAKES MOMMIN’ EASIER and who doesn’t love that?!

We’re obsessed!!!
My kids love the wide variety of meals and I love how much time and clean up Nurture Life has saved me in the kitchen every day.
Olivia M. Mother of 2
Nurture Life Kids Meal Delivery Reviews

genetra I love being able to offer my kids something that’s easy for me, but nutritious for them.

One thankful momma
I cannot recommend this company enough!!! Fresh, nutrient rich, ready to eat food for my little one is a such huge win!!! One less items in the endless to do lists of this working mom to worry about! But more importantly my son lovesssss and I mean absolutely loves the food!
Lina O. Mother of 1
Nurture Life Kids Meal Delivery Reviews

teaktraderjones Sweet little Teaky Pie.🥞 🍳

Yummy & perfect
I ordered these for my 12 mth old daughter to have for lunch during the week with our nanny. She absolutely loves these meals!! They are so yummy, and perfect for her!! As a working mom, it’s very hard to find the time to prepare heathy meals for her during the weekdays. Thank you Nurture Life!!!
Kayla M. Mother of 3
Nurture Life Kids Meal Delivery

oxleyfamily Want to know one of my biggest tips for adjusting to family life with a new baby? Having meals delivered to my door weekly for the girls really is amazing.

My son gets so excited to have his own meals and loves how he feels very independent by feeding himself (he is 7). It also makes me happy that they are healthy and nutritious. They are delicious too! I have tried each meal myself and am very impressed.
Melissa Mother of 1
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Nutrition Experts agree

imgh-16 Lara Field MS, RD, LDN, Registered Dietitian, Founder of FEED Nutrition Consulting, Mom of Two Nurture Life truly helps families by giving parents peace of mind their kids are being nourished properly, while taking away the stress of planning and preparation.
imgh-17 David L. Katz MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, FACLM, Director, Yale University Prevention Research Center When it comes to healthy eating options, no group is more important—or more neglected. Nurture Life fills that gap, addressing a vital public health objective.
imgh-18 William Sears MD, Pediatrician and
Father of Eight Children
Nurture Life’s solution: provide real, nutritionally balanced food that appeals to children. Thank you for providing just what many families need.

Nutritious, and most importantly, crave-worthy meals for kids of all ages.


Nurture Life provides balanced meals that are convenient and tasty.


Now give yourself a break and hand these products to your kids.


Every time I make these for my kids I wish it was my meal.



  • What makes Nurture Life different?

    Feeding your kid is hard. You have to think about whether they’ll like it, how long it’ll take you to make it, is it nutritious, do you have the ingredients, have you already fed them this same meal 14 times this month. And the list goes ON. Nurture Life is the only baby and kids meal delivery service that helps you tackle every single one of your mealtime needs.

    We prioritize balanced nutrition (including veggies in every meal!) while capturing the flavors that babies, toddlers and kids actually want to eat. Our flexible ordering system makes it easy to choose meals that fit your family’s ever-changing schedule—and so does the fact that every meal can be ready to eat in just 1 minute.

    We’re here for you as your baby learns to self-feed. We’re here for your toddler’s journey into more variety and bigger bites. We’re here for your kid’s ongoing healthy eating habits. And we’re here for every meal of the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time, we’ve got you covered.

    Flexible, flavor-focused and absolutely uncompromising on nutrition. That’s Nurture Life.

  • Who is Nurture Life for?

    Nurture Life is for busy parents who want more time in their full (and ever fuller!) daily lives—without having to make sacrifices about what they’re feeding their kids. We take the stress out of meal preparation by providing healthy, ready-to-eat meals that babies, toddlers and kids actually want to eat.

    Our delicious baby and kids meals are freshly made for all the little ones in your home. From babies who are just learning to grab at the high chair tray to active toddlers and kids who need a healthy, balanced meal to fuel them throughout the day, Nurture Life is a palate pleaser. Even picky eaters can find a favorite on our kids meal delivery menu!

    We deliver meals your family will love, and you get time back in your busy life—exactly what every parent needs.

  • How does Nurture Life work?

    Nurture Life is a flexible, weekly meal subscription service that makes and delivers delicious, nutritious, premade meals for babies, toddlers and kids. You can skip a week, pause or cancel at any time!

    Create your first order by selecting meals from
    our menus page. We have a $39 order minimum, but you can add more meals to your cart to receive free shipping and discount benefits up to 10% off your entire kids meal delivery order.

    Once you’ve ordered, we cook your meals and deliver them fresh, straight to your door, in refrigerated packaging. Our meals stay fresh in the refrigerator for a week after they arrive and have use by dates on all packaging.

    When your kids are ready to eat, simply pop a meal into the microwave and it’ll be ready in 1 minute, or transfer it into an oven-safe dish and heat it in the oven. We also make Snacks and Grab & Go Meals that are made to be served cold—perfect for any on-the-go situation.

    For more information please visit our How It Works page.

  • What are Nurture Life’s nutritional standards?

    All of our meals are designed by registered dietitians, ensuring we always meet exceptionally high nutrition standards and follow our meal philosophy:
    - Delicious AND nutritious
    - Veggies in every meal
    - Good source of protein
    - Real, organic ingredients
    - Fresh, never frozen

    You can feel good knowing we also have strict standards for what DOESN’T go into our meals:
    - No trans fat
    - No high fructose corn syrup
    - No artificial colors or flavors
    - No nitrates

    Plus, we keep sugar and salt low so your kid can enjoy the natural deliciousness of our real, clean ingredients.With every meal we put on the Nurture Life menu, we’re raising the standard for what goes on your kids’ plates!

  • Is Nurture Life picky eater-friendly?

    Yes! We know that picky eating is an obstacle to healthy eating, so we’ve made picky eater-friendly meals that still maintain our high nutritional standards.

    To find picky eater meals, use the filters on our menu and look for the Picky Eater Fav banner. You’ll find a variety of deliciously balanced kid favorites, including Mac & Cheese with Hidden Butternut Squash and Chicken Meatballs with Spiral Pasta & Veggies. Many of these options smoothly blend veggies right into the sauce so your kid won’t even notice the veggies are there!

    Nurture Life is also here to help your picky eater become not-so picky! Our menu features meals that can help expose picky eaters to new colors, textures and tastes. We recommend gradually incorporating meals from outside of our Picky Eater Favorites to familiarize your child with a wider variety of flavors. Remember that it can take 9–15 tries for kids to accept a new food, so stick with it! You’re doing the right thing, and patience does pay off.

    Whether you order our kids meal delivery or not, we also offer a ton of picky eater resources for you to draw from. When you feel like you just can’t handle another “no” at the table, check out our helpful resources from experts on overcoming picky eating together or contact us at for help from one of our registered dietitians!

  • Is Nurture Life allergy-friendly?

    All our meals are made in a facility free of peanuts and tree nuts (except coconut), so we’re a great option for families with nut allergies! We also offer many Finger Foods, Kids Meals and Snacks that are free from common food allergens like egg, milk, wheat, fish, soy and sesame.

    Our kitchen does process coconut, milk, eggs, fish (salmon), soy, wheat and sesame. We recommend that you closely review our full ingredient lists and the “contains” statement associated with each of our meals if you have a family member with a food allergy. From our menu, these can be found by clicking on any meal for further details. All our meal packaging also includes full ingredient lists.

    While we always follow best practices for allergen controls, if your child has celiac disease, Nurture Life might not be the right option for you. Please contact us if you have any questions about your specific needs at or 877.988.8851.

  • Does Nurture Life’s menu change?

    Every week, we offer a core set of customer favorite meals that never change. At the same time, we keep things fresh and interesting by consistently introducing new flavors for your kids to try! We launch exciting new meals every 6–8 weeks and always have at least 25 Kids Meals, 12 Finger Foods and a selection of deliciously cookie-inspired Snacks on the menu.

    This mix of familiar and new gives you a wide variety of nutritious meals to choose from, each containing a diverse range of organic veggies and antibiotic- and hormone-free proteins. You’ll be able to select the right meals for your baby, toddler or kid at every stage of their eating journey—whether your little one is currently on an adventurous streak or is stuck in that “mac and cheese only” phase. Our healthy menu has something for everyone.

    You also have a say in what comes next on the Nurture Life menu. We’re honored to be invited to your family’s table, and we take your feedback seriously as we consider changes to our meals. So please share your feedback with our team at and remember to check back frequently to see what’s fresh!

  • Can I change meals in my subscription?

    Yes! You define the quantity of meals in your order each week, and we fill your order with recommended meals based on your selection, but you can always change our meal recommendations. You can also customize your account to get the best recommendations! We make it easy for you to set your account and forget it, or if you like being more hands on, you can always head into your account and switch up your order or skip a week.

    Please note that in order to fulfill our promise of fresh, not frozen, we do have a cutoff deadline for each order. If you change your family’s preferences after an order cutoff has already passed, that order will be filled based on your previous preferences. All future orders will be filled based on your new preferences.

    Not sure when the cutoff is? You can find this information in the orders section of your account.

  • How much does Nurture Life cost?

    Nurture Life is super flexible to accommodate whatever your family needs. Our meals are priced individually, with Finger Foods at $6.89, Kids Meals starting at $7.99 and Snacks at $7.99. With us, you won’t be locked into a specific pricing model—your total cost simply depends on how many Finger Foods, Kids Meals and Snacks you order. We do have a minimum order of $39, with free shipping on orders over $59 and discounts of up to 10% off your entire order:

    - Spend $59 = free shipping
    - Spend $79 = 5% off your entire order and free shipping
    - Spend $99 = 10% off your entire order and free shipping

  • How do I get started?

    It’s simple! Just choose the meals and snacks you want to try from our menu and check out.

    Once you place your order, it’s time for us to get cooking! Meals typically arrive within a week to a week and a half depending on the day you signed up and your delivery location. You will be able to view your first and future scheduled delivery days in your account. Once your meals are on their way, we will send an email with the tracking information so your family can excitedly anticipate your first kids meal delivery box!

    Get started building your first order today.