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William Sears, MD
Pediatrician and Father of Eight Children
Nurture Life has nailed the nutrition needs of young children. When l read the food nutrition labels and personally interviewed the founders, I caught their passion for helping to provide a solution to a top health problem in America—children have lost their taste for real, nutritious food. Nurture Life's solution: provide real, nutritionally balanced food that appeals to children. 'Nurture Life' is exactly what their mission is: shape young tastes to crave real food while their brains and bodies are growing the fastest, in turn shaping nutrition habits for life. Thank you for providing just what many families need.
Field Family Session
Lara Field, MS, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian, Founder of FEED Nutrition Consulting, Mom of Two
Nurture Life is the missing piece for busy families. In our fast-paced world filled with many competing priorities, nutrition is often set aside. Nurture Life truly helps nurture families towards feeding children healthy food from the start by providing well-balanced, minimally processed meals, incorporating whole foods, a variety of vegetables and diverse flavor combinations. They're an excellent foundation to raise healthy eaters, expanding children's palates right from the start.
Katz DL Headshot.7-15
Director, Yale University Prevention Research Center
While healthful eating is important at all ages, the opportunity for food to serve as the foundation of lifelong good health is greatest in children. When it comes to healthy eating options, no group is more important—or more neglected. Nurture Life fills that gap, addressing a vital public health objective with a beautiful product and all the right priorities.

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Sara cheers
Parent of a Toddler
We just got our first delivery...amazing! My son even picked up a few pieces of the broccoli and ate it without me having to ask! I am jealously eyeing his dinner right now.
family grinning
Parent of a Baby & Toddler
Nurture Life has empowered and given me something invaluable: time to focus on and spend with my 3-year-old toddler and 9-month-old baby, my husband and my career without the guilt of feeling like I am feeding my children anything less than the most wholesome, delicious and well-balanced meals. Thank you for making motherhood just a little easier.
betsy testimonial
Parent of a Toddler & Kid
Nurture Life is just what we have been looking for. The meals are delicious (with the added bonus of being healthy and nutritious for the kids) and the preparation could not be any simpler (which we need)! Thank you Nurture Life!
Meredith Testimonial
Parent of a Toddler
I have been using this service for months now and couldn't be happier. I have shared it with all of my friends and family. I truly believe Nurture Life has been a lifesaver and a timesaver for our family, and my 16-month-old son devours all the food. I can tell he has favorites, but he has never turned away a single meal since starting Nurture Life. I hope you all sign up. They are a great and honest company!
eirene testimonial
Parent of 3 Kids
As a Mompreneur to 3 active boys, it's a glorious sight when I open my refrigerator and see healthy meals ready to eat in 2 minutes. I never need to think about what to cook for dinner!
Savana testimonial
High School Student
Tried several meals and loved them all! My favorite was the Whole Wheat Pasta with Braised Pork & Veggie Ragout and the Albacore Tuna. It's so nice to be able to eat something so healthy while I'm on the go!
Joel testimonial
Parent of a Toddler & Kid
As a family with two working parents, my wife and I are constantly looking for wholesome yet convenient options for our children's meals. We exhaustively stayed up many nights cooking and preparing items to ensure healthy ready-to-go choices would be available for when we walked in the door. Nurture Life is an amazing development in our lives and allows us to have pre-made meals by a company that values the same principles about food that we do.
Paige testimonial 2
Parent of a Baby & Toddler
Thanks to Nurture Life, I can spend more time snuggling my kids and less time stressed out in the kitchen! Plus the meals are nutritious and tasty so I don't feel guilty about it at all. Everybody wins!
steve testimonial
Parent of a Toddler & Kid
Our boys loved the food, and we loved the fact we knew they were getting the highest quality meals available. There was no guilt about this not being a homemade meal—because it was. And the portion sizes would satisfy most adults!

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