… Nurture Life is disrupting the nearly $12 billion food and beverage e-commerce industry…
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The benefit to these services...isn’t just a matter of convenience for working parents. There’s also the mental load-off in knowing that there’s an ally in the kitchen.
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...One of the original players in the meal-kit delivery service for children, and their offerings are the
most diverse..
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13 Allergy-Friendly Meal Delivery Services

September 22, 2020

Co-founded by Jennifer Chow—who not only has food allergies but is a food allergy mom herself. All meals are created in-house in a facility dedicated free from the allergies she and her son share.

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Fuel up with Food

August 7, 2020

We all know how important it is to instill healthy eating habits in children from early on and Nurture Life is here to help.

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6 Smart Ways to Feed Your Kids Without a Second Spent Cooking This School Year

August 6, 2020

Cooking up a meal that one kid will eat is challenging enough, but having to make multiple meals to cater to kiddos at different life stages is an Olympic-level feat of strength and resolve. Nurture Life's team of dieticians has designed options for literally all age groups – including finger foods for babies to meals for toddlers, teens, and, yes, even parents – to ensure the right portions and nutrients for their exact developmental stage.

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In the Spirit of Mr. Rogers: Unmasking the Helpers in Chicago

May 21, 2020

Since the shutdown of schools and businesses and disruption to the normal flow of life that began in mid-March, we’ve seen Chicago business owners and organizations impressively pivot to not only save their life’s work with new modes of operation but to find ways to selflessly offer support. We’re shining a light on this beautiful bright spot during a ridiculously tough time to share a bit of happy news. Mr. Rogers would be proud, Chicago.

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10 Online Grocers You Might Not Have Heard of Before

April 17, 2020

The healthy meals are divided by age range, with options from ages ten months old to 16 years old, and all have kid-friendly faves but with a nutritious angle. Think turkey meatloaf, cheesy tortellini served with grilled chicken strips, baked chicken bites with green beans and sweet potatoes.

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Meal Delivery Services Every Chicago Family Should Try

April 17, 2020

Chicago-based subscription meal service Nurture Life prepares fresh, ready-to-enjoy food options that appeal to kids ages 10 mos.-11 yrs. Each meal focuses on organic produce, antibiotic-free proteins whole grains and can be served up in 2 minutes or less.

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Peapod Launches Partnership with Nurture Life

October 19, 2019

Peapod, the country's leading online grocer, announced today an exclusive partnership with local Chicago company Nurture Life, the only food brand providing busy families with a creative variety of freshly prepared, wholesome, ready-to-enjoy meals and snacks for children.

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Peapod Pairs Up With Kids Meal Maker Nurture Life

October 17, 2019

Meal time is particularly challenging for parents, and Peapod's senior vice president of merchandising Spencer Baird said in a statement the partnership with Nurture Life allows the company to address meal-related friction for households with kids.

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How to Raise Healthy Eaters with Nurture Life

February 11, 2019

Listen to episode 15 of the Better Food Stories interview series, which features Nurture Life cofounder, Jennifer Chow, discussing how Nurture Life is changing the way parents feed their kids, building a brand focused on quality, convenience and nutritious food from the start.

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13 Allergy-Friendly Meal Delivery Services

January 11, 2019

Nurture Life provides freshly made, nutritionally balanced meals for babies, toddlers, and kids. Co-founded by Jennifer Chow—who not only has food allergies but is a food allergy mom herself. All meals are created in-house in a facility dedicated free from the allergies she and her son share—peanuts and tree nuts (except coconut).

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Food for the Soul

October 15, 2018

"'For parents that feel guilty if they don't do everything, my response is to seek help,' says Jennifer, who's now a mom of two. Find shortcuts that work for you, whether that's paying for a meal-delivery service, devoting a few hours on Sunday to meal prep, or ordering groceries online to avoid those epic 6 p.m. checkout lines. "We have so much on our plates already," Jennifer says. And saving time without sacrificing good, healthy food is an excellent form of self-care."

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7 Genius Products for New Moms

August 24, 2018

"Between caring for your bambino and keeping up with the rest of your life, food prep can seem like an added stress. Enter Nurture Life, the first organic food delivery service for babies and kids. Their meals are created by chefs and pediatric dietitians based on the USDA MyPlate guidelines. With Nurture Life, you can feed your little ones a wide variety of produce, proteins, and grains without lifting a finger in the kitchen."

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How These Founders Created a Meal Kit Company for Babies, Toddlers & Children

August 7, 2018

"Recipes developed by a chef and pediatric dietician prove to be a huge selling point for consumers, and what is setting the company apart from others. Being that Nurture Life is the first and only subscription meal delivery service focused specifically on children, the founders had to blaze the trail for the ready-to-eat market when it came to business models and benchmarks as a company."

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7 unexpected Mother’s Day gifts she’ll love

May 3, 2018

Founded by a mom who wanted to give her child fresh, wholesome meals—without sacrificing time together—Nurture Life is a meal delivery service that ships age-specific, dietitian crafted meals to your doorstep. Each recipe prioritizes organic, seasonal produce and never includes artificial flavors or colors, trans fats, or high fructose corn syrup.

All you have to provide are your children's ages and dietary preferences to get started. It's a great, simple option for first solids and for expanding the palates of older children—and mamas will love how much time and energy is saves them.

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9 Products For Your Kids That Will Let You Live Your Life

April 23, 2018

When you don't have the time or energy (or ingredients!) to cook a healthy, home-cooked meal, mom guilt levels can shoot through the roof. Nurture Life is an organic meal delivery for babies, toddlers, and kids curated by a culinary team and pediatric dietitian, that serve up children's favorites, incorporating high-quality produce and protein into each meal.

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Trends in Infant and Toddler Nutrition

April 17, 2018

"Babies have taste buds too, and they like to use them. But finding the best ways to appeal to their delicate and emerging sense of flavor can be tricky...Nurture Life’s “Baby Stage 1” meal plan for starting solids promotes palate diversity as foods are introduced." —Keith-Thomas Ayoob

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Must Pack Accessories When Traveling With Infants and Toddlers

January 26, 2018

Nurture Life will ship fresh and healthy meals directly to your hotel when you’re on vacation; and also to your residence when you are back home. We love this company for meal delivery because they focus solely on children between the ages of 6 months and 18 years and design their organic, ready-to-eat meals especially with their nutritional needs and tastes in mind. Nurture Life offers a number of different flexible subscription plans, including weekly options.

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Here’s What Baby Food Of The Future Looks Like

November 22, 2017

Nuture Life is a delivery subscription box of premade jars of food for babies and meals for toddlers. It offers three different stages of baby meals based on age, starting with simple purees up to finger foods with diced vegetables and fish or meat for 10+ months. They also offer toddler meals for 1–3-year-olds, and kids meals for up to teenagers.

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25 Cool Subscription Boxes For Kids And Babies

November 15, 2017

Feeding your child good, wholesome food is important to you, but it can be surprisingly tough to regularly whip up quality meals with your packed schedule. Nurture Life sends you organic, ready-to-eat meals for babies, toddlers and kids every week, giving you a few nights off from cooking. The subscription boxes for kids service even allows you to pick how many meals you want, so you can load up on busy weeks.

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The Business Of Feeding Health-Conscious Gen Z And Alpha Children

October 29, 2017

The World Health Organization defines health and wellness as the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Later in their definition children are specifically mentioned, citing that ‘healthy development of the child is of basic importance’ and ‘the ability to live harmoniously in a changing total environment is essential to such development.’

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3 Delicious Food Delivery Subscriptions For Kids

October 19, 2017

Jennifer Chow was inspired to create Nurture Life when she found herself spending evenings prepping her son's meals for the next day. Chow and partner, Steven Minisini, create fresh, organic meals for baby, toddler and kids. Everything is made with seasonal ingredients, local when possible, and void of peanuts, tree nuts, artificial ingredients, trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. Menus change weekly.

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Top Chefs Share School Lunch Ideas Kids Will Actually Like

September 12, 2017

Lunches from Nurture Life, best enjoyed warm from an insulated lunch container, are pegged for different age groups with input from a pediatric dietitian. Teriyaki salmon over brown rice and spinach-stuffed gnocchi with vegetable Bolognese are two popular picks. In addition to being nut-free, all Nurture Life meals are made without artificial ingredients, trans fats or high-fructose corn syrup.

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Dinner, Delivered

August 1, 2017

You can't get much easier than Nurture Life, which delivers meals for kids as young as 6 months old! Select the Chef's Choice menu and they'll even take the guesswork out of starting solids by sending meals that introduce your babe to new foods and textures each week.

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Meals for Munchkins

July 27, 2017

Food subscription boxes have already simplified meal prep for grown-ups. Now, new companies are serving up similar options for tots. We asked working moms across the country to tell us if the services really deliver.

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Dinner Time! Meal-Delivery Guide

July 26, 2017

Have kids of many ages? This plan has it all! Yummy, organic, ready-to-eat options for toddlers—mashed yams and French green peas or mac and cheese with cauliflower, and baby foods like butternut squash puree and turkey or garnet yam and Golden Delicious apple puree—add variety to their diet and gave them reaching their chubby fingers for more.

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Meal Delivery Service Is The Latest Trend For Moms

July 5, 2017

Piper-Lori Parker is a busy mom using a meal delivery service—for her baby—to make sure he gets the right start in life. “This is real food. Real vegetables, pureed in a way that I can’t do myself; whole, organic and even local food,” Parker said.

Jennifer Chow is co-founder at, one of several start-ups helping fill little bellies. “Many families today are very busy and want to feed their kids very well, but don’t necessarily have the time to or the desire to grocery shop, prep, cook, etc.,” Chow said.

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10 Healthy and Delicious Baby Food Brands

June 19, 2017

This parent-founded company provides a subscription service that includes healthy foods for baby to munch on. You give them your child’s age and dietary preferences, and Nurture Life then gives you their Chef’s Choice menu. If that doesn’t work for you (or your baby), pick meals from the seasonal or favorites menus. You’ll get a week’s worth of chilled, but not frozen, meals. All you need to do is warm and serve.

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5 Food Delivery Services That Make Healthy Eating A Breeze

May 18, 2017

To make mealtime a whole lot easier—and healthier—Nurture Life (from $45 to $119 per week) delivers fresh, organic, ready-to-eat meals designed to meet the nutritional needs of kids up to 18 years old. The menu rotates weekly to include seasonal choices to introduce kids to new flavors along with classics you know they’ll love.

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We Tried It: A Baby Food Delivery Service

May 1, 2017

The toddler foods (packaged to just heat and serve) were legit: he gobbled up a hearty portion of cauliflower mac and cheese (above) in two sittings, and loved the falafel, something I would never think to make him.... Everything was healthy and delicious (I sampled it all) and since you can freeze just about all of their items, you can stretch what they send you for a while. Bon appétit, babies!

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Nurture Life Is A Meal Delivery Service For Babies And Kids

February 13, 2017

Ask any working parent who’s ever fed their toddler fish sticks 3 days in a row and they’re likely to agree: Figuring out what’s for dinner every night ⏤ not to mention, what’s healthy and for dinner ⏤ is a giant pain. It’s why some parents have nanny’s that cook for them. And it’s also what led to the creation of Nurture Life, a new kid-food subscription service.

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Nurture Life

December 21, 2016

Just yesterday I was chatting with a friend and described my experience of being a parent, and compared it to driving a car when you don’t know how everything in the car works, and you also don’t know where you’re headed. If this resonates with you or anyone you love, Nurture Life will be a welcome addition to the family.

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Dinner Is Served: Yummy food for little ones

September 15, 2016

Local parents Jennifer Chow and Steve Minisini were spending hours a day making homemade food for their baby when they came up with a way to make the process easier for other moms and dads. Nurture Life is an organic meal delivery service for babies and children 4 months and up.

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3 wallet-friendly meal services that make lunch easy

September 12, 2016

For the last few weeks, my Facebook feed has been a consistent parade of back-to-school pictures. Many parents are rejoicing. That is, until they realize they’re still on the hook for packing lunch. The struggle is real, folks. #strugglebus #dontmissthebus

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Healthy Kids’ Meals Made Ridiculously Easy

August 29, 2016

Let’s do some simple math — 3 meals a day times 18 years. That’s almost 20,000 meals to get your mini-you to adulthood. Gulp. So what do you do if you’re too busy to do it day after day, or (in some cases), simply not very good at it? Fortunately, now there’s an answer to those questions and to parents’ prayers. Read on to learn about the two newest meal delivery services specifically designed for kids.

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Nurture Life ready to serve prepared meals to babies and kids

August 8, 2016

Move over all you busy, healthy-eating adults. Babies and kids are getting in on the prepared-meal action, too. Billed as the first and only subscription-meal delivery service focused on babies and kids aged 6 months to 18 years old, Nurture Life was conceived of as a convenient way for parents to help their offspring begin to learn to eat well at a tender age.

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