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This page might be called “Our Story,” but the reality is, this isn’t just our story. This is the shared struggle of every parent who has ever looked at food options for kids and thought, “How is this it?”

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Hi, I’m Jennifer, the mother of two little boys and a co-founder of Nurture Life. The idea for Nurture Life came from our own struggle to find fresh, nutritious meals our son James loved. As the daughter of a registered dietitian, I know how critical it is for children to get the right nutrients essential for their growing minds and bodies, but beyond making every meal ourselves, we weren’t able to find a solution that provided the nutrients James and other kids need.

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Thus began my journey of cooking all of James’ food from scratch, through his baby and toddler years. During those years, I did a tremendous amount of reading on early childhood nutrition and spent hundreds of hours on recipe research and planning, grocery shopping, prepping, cooking and feeding James. We started Nurture Life to provide busy parents with the mealtime solution we created for our son James in a lot less time: fresh, nutritionally balanced baby, toddler and kid meals made from real, clean ingredients that are naturally delicious and ready in minutes.

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Our team of registered dietitians and chefs craft meals your kids will love to eat, made with ingredients you’d use yourself, including organically grown vegetables, antibiotic and hormone-free proteins and hearty whole grains. We ship your meals in refrigerated packaging directly to your door, saving you hours every week, precious time that can be spent outside of the grocery store or kitchen. We're incredibly proud of the meals we make, and we know you'll be proud to serve them to your kids.