Our story

Nutritious, ready-to-enjoy & delivered fresh to your door


Because parents & kids deserve better

This page might be called “Our Story,” but the reality is, this isn’t just our story. This is the shared struggle of every parent who has ever looked at food options for kids and their family and thought, “How is this it?”

A new way


Healthy futures for our children should be a priority, yet the food industry continues to ignore the need for nutritious and convenient food for our kids. Our meals raise the standard giving parents the nutritious, freshly made meals they can be proud to serve their family and kids can be excited to eat. We promise to continue challenging kids food norms, helping children learn what real food is and that it can be healthy and delicious.

More than a meal


At the same time, this vision wasn’t just about the everyday struggle—it was also about tackling one of our country’s biggest challenges—the way our children eat. With a food industry that capitalizes on added sugar and sodium, empty calories and refined grains, we wanted to flip the switch on kids meals and spark a healthier America with real food that provides the nutrients your kids need for healthy physical growth and brain development.



As we continue to deliver a healthier world through better nutrition for our families, we know that it’s about more than mealtime today. It’s also about teaching kids to recognize and crave food that will help them make healthy choices for a lifetime. And with each Nurture Life meal we make, we know we’re getting closer to a world where children not only accept, but truly love nutritious food.